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Turquoise Rings
Turquoise Rings

Rings with the dazzling dash of Turquoise looks captivating and it makes the wearer look hot and sizzling. Turquoise rings have a symbolic significance. It is believed that Turquoise has some mysteriously rich and classy allure. It is said that Turquoise has an Egyptian origin. According to some very old stories, Turquoise is believed that Turquoise was first discovered by the Ancient Egyptians around 4,000-5,000 B.C. Turquoise was first noticed in Europe through the trade route of Turkey. In French the meaning of word ‘turquoise’ is 'Turkish'.


Turquoise Rings

Turquoise rings are gorgeous and classy. The color of Turquoise varies from sky blue to yellowish green, but sometimes it comes in eye catching colors like purple and lime. Turquoise rings look captivating in sterling silver frames and make amazing pair of cool as well as party wear dresses. Most of the Turquoise used in sterling silver. Turquoise comes from various places in the world including, Turkey, Persia, Iran, China, Egypt, New Mexico and Arizona. The chalky texture of Turquoise and its porous surface is treated several times before it is set in the frames of beautiful Turquoise rings. Turquoise rings bring great grace to the personality of the wearer plus it has many benefits. For example, Turquoise rings have amazing healing abilities with which it helps in the cure of diseases related to respiration and digestion. Also a great healer when it comes to bones trouble, Turquoise jewelry makes classic companion of plain and simple dresses.


How to Select Turquoise Rings


Turquoise rings look different as well as irresistible. If you want to buy a unique piece of debonair for yourself, go in for Turquoise rings in sterling silver. The appealing splendor and sophisticated elegance of Turquoise ring is fabulous.


Turquoise is a copper aluminum phosphate because of this reason it contains tint of blue. You can buy a Turquoise ring in hues ranging from sky-blue, robin's egg blue, blue-green, grayish green, or green. The increase in the amount of copper in Turquoise gives it deep blue color and if the color of Turquoise in your ring is greenish, it is because of the inclusion of copper. So, check out the color of the Turquoise ring you are buying. Faceted Turquoise is rare, because the texture of Turquoise is not clear. But Turquoise is available in many different shapes including that marquise, oval and heart. Try to buy Turquoise rings which contain single Turquoise stone. It looks fabulous and elegant.


Turquoise comes in many types for example, Arizona turquoise, lime turquoise, purple turquoise, spider web turquoise, Tibetan turquoise. The texture of Arizona turquoise lacks any pattern on their surface. Rings made with Arizona turquoise have a great splendor and it looks chic. Lime Turquoise comes in refreshing color and it looks adorable with black dresses. You can wear a Lime Turquoise ring with special as well as everyday attires. Purple Turquoise has a royal appeal and it makes the wearer look super swanky. Spider web Turquoise rings are an epitome of sophistication and great beauty. Tibetan Turquoise rings are highly fabulous and look funky. If you want to go in for a chunky jewelry piece you must try a Tribal Turquoise ring with a bigger stone.


Turquoise Rings as Gifts

If your loved one is December born, you should gift him or her Turquoise ring without thinking much. Turquoise rings are lucky and its association with good luck, prosperity, truthfulness and fidelity in a relationship makes it a great jewelry gift item. Apart from physical beauty, medicinal powers, Turquoise rings are blessed with many mystical powers. The magical energies present in Turquoise rings can help in removing the toxins of pollution as well as smoke. By gifting a Turquoise ring to your loved one, you can encourage them to boost their creative powers and the level of confidence.


The rich and vast history of Turquoise gemstone makes it a very special and more attractive gemstone. Turquoise rings are very famous in South-East Asia. Especially, the Tibetans have a special liking for Turquoise jewelry and having a ring accented with the bedazzling and appealing Turquoise is very common.


According to ancient and traditional tales of South East Asia it is believed that Turquoise helps in providing protection to horse and with its charismatic powers, it can shield the horsemen also. Not only in South East Asia, but people in Russia also believe in the mystic powers of Turquoise. According to Russians, if a silver turquoise rings is given to a bride, it helps in bringing tranquility and harmony to her life. It also has some very great powers to boost wellbeing and opulence to men. Since thousands of years people are taking several benefits from the striking and beautiful Turquoise rings. It helps in enhancing sacred powers. A ring beautified with the splendid charm of Turquoise Gemstone is said to have magical qualities that can connect spiritual understanding. It can develop inner strength that leads to calmness and tranquility. Turquoise protects from powers of darkness as it has natural powers of protection.


People have a special liking for Turquoise rings as it is said to have powers that can connect sky with sea. To posses such a rakish delight set in a sterling silver ring is a valuable possession. That is why people love to wear rings accented with Turquoise. December Birthstone, Turquoise rings can have a beneficial effect on those who have their birthday in December.