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Tiger Eye
Tiger Eye

Jewelry made up of brilliantly gleaming and elegantly designed Tiger Eye gemstone looks stunning and captivating. It makes the wearer look smoking hot because of its appealing and alluring swank. Tiger Eye Jewelry is cherished by jewelry lovers since a long time. It is believed that in pre historic time, classy and aristocratic people used to wear jewelry beautified with the enthralling Tiger Eye Gemstone to sway away evil spirits and they believed that Tiger Eye jewelry can protect them. The Tiger Eye gemstone in reality is made up of the crystal accumulation of quartz and crocidolite.

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Tiger jewelry

Tiger Eye Jewelry not only looks attractive and fashionable but it boosts courage and confidence. Plus, it has some mystic powers to protect the wearer. We have an exciting range of amazingly pretty and mind blowing jewelry embedded with the beauty and swank of the Tiger Eye gemstone.

Tiger Rings

To look beautiful and sexy, you need to have a different charm and magnetism. With a brilliantly designed and delightfully crafted ring embellished with the mysteriously charming Tiger Eye gemstone, you can win every heart. It’s like an assortment to accentuate your exquisite and stunning personality.

Tiger pendants

The outstanding splendor of Tiger Eye gemstone becomes terrific when it is adorned as a pendant. It looks charming and bedazzles the panache of the wearer. The mesmerizing swank and rakish appeal of the pendant beautified with Tiger Eye gemstone is eye-catching. With such a breathtaking accessory, you can steal everyone’s attention!

Tiger earrings

Earrings studded with the charismatic charm of Tiger Eye gemstone will fling a magical beauty. It looks enthralling and makes the wearer stand out in crowd. Be it a pair of drops, studs or danglers, the magnificent beauty that an earring accented with Tiger Eye stone has, is matchless.

Tiger Necklace

With the alluring exquisiteness, charming delicacy and dazzling appeal of Tiger Eye gemstone, a necklace looks fantabulous and captivating. When the beads of Tiger Eye gemstone in different shapes are assembled together in a necklace it looks amazingly sexy and marvelously hot. It can enhance the look of wearer plus add an aristocratic appeal.

Tiger Eye

Apart from physical beauty and mesmerizing looks, Tiger Eye gemstone has metaphysical and healing qualities that make it a loveable and popular gemstone. People love to wear jewelry accented with the sparkling allure and bedazzling appeal because of its matchless attraction and captivating charisma. Tiger Eye stone infuses confidence and boosts judgment powers of the wearer. It helps the wearer to have a crystal clear vision of thoughts and swiftly transforms the negative opinions into positive. It further helps the wearer to achieve his or her dreams by clearing obstacles from the goals.


Tiger Eye gemstone is also considered as a friendship stone. It is said that, Tiger Eye stone makes the bond of friendship more strong if gifted by a friend to the other. It blesses friendship and makes the relationship between two friends more intense. It helps in making correct judgments, makes your mind clear to think accurately plus protects the wearer from evil energies. With such a magnificent and flawless gemstone accentuating your panache the wearer feels deluge strength, self confidence and passion.


Gemstone jewelry with the striking appeal of Tiger Eye gemstone has magnetic energies to attract wealth. So, the wearer and his or her family always experience prosperity. With a captivating Tiger Eye Ring or pendant, the wearer can feel an amazing strength, esteem, courage and determination. He or she also experiences wealth, luck, happiness and contentment. In our gemstone jewelry store we have complete range of gorgeously striking Tiger Eye Jewelry to make our customers rakish and alluring with the blessings of the powers and strength that jewelry decorated with Tiger Eye gemstone has.


History of Tiger Eye Gemstone

The name, Tiger Eye, actually bring to mind the portrayal of this stone. Amazingly fascinating to look at, Tiger Eye stone is not as trendy as the individual gems that really make it. Made up with pleasing hues like honey, yellow and browns Tiger eye looks captivating and it has mind blowing charm. Similar to other eye gems, Tiger Eye stone has enclosure of iron which gets oxidizes and turns the color to shades of brown. Just like other eye stones, qualities of Tiger Eye stone are fibrous in nature as well as structure. The appeal and magnetic allure of Tiger Eye stone makes it a fabulous choice when it comes to gemstone jewelry.


Tiger Eye is a magnificent gemstone which is formed from the mineral Quartz. In reality, Quartz is basically any type of oxidized stone. As we all know that, Quartz is the frequently common type of mineral on earth and 12% of the Earth’s crust is made up with Quartz. It is available in various assortments including crude Quartz with bigger crystalline configuration and small fibrous crystals. In most of the times, the small crystalline compositions of Quartz include Agate and Onyx and the large ones comprise of Amethyst and Citrine.


Magnificent and brilliant, Tiger Eye stone is mostly used ornamental jewelry and it makes captivating jewelry. Affordable and classy, Tiger Eye stone is widely accepted when presented in the form of jewelry. Well known for its mystic as well as therapeutic qualities, Tiger’s Eye has its importance since thousands of years. The qualities associated with Tiger Eye stone make it popular and it is believed that Tiger Eye stone can stabilize the one who owns it plus it protects the wearer from all the evil and shields them against illness. Since prehistoric times, Tiger’s Eye stone is presented to children as a token of protection. They love it and its fun for children to possess a stone like Tiger Eye.


Zodiac stone of lucky people born in the month of May 21-Jun. 20, and having zodiac, Gemini, Tiger Eye stone makes perfect gift for those who are celebrating their ninth year of wedding. History is evident that Tiger Eye Stone has been considered as a psychic protector. It is believed to have some supernatural powers with which it is benefit for health and spiritual well being of the owner. Legends also say that by wearing Tiger Eye embellished jewelry, one can ensure complete well being of the wearer.


Spiritual people and people who strongly believe in astrology consider Tiger Eye as a great stone which helps in building positive effects in them. Tiger Eye stone has some miraculous qualities with which it makes positive effects on the owner and keeps the evil spirits away f rom them. The striking feature of Tiger Eye is its changeable silky luster. When light falls on the surface of Tiger Eye stone, within the thin parallel fibrous bands, it looks amazingly dramatic. The wavy and rippled bands on the surface of Tiger Eye stone, looks like a scenic view and that’s absolutely gorgeous.