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Smokey Quartz Earrings in Sterling Silver $349.08   $104.87

Smokey Quartz
Smokey Quartz

If you are a true gemstone jewelry lover, you will surely find it hard to resist the magnetism of Smokey quartz bracelets. You can wear a Smokey quartz bracelet for everyday; it will look decent, subtle and will inject peaceful energies to your life. Smokey quartz being an extra ordinarily excellent gemstone looks wonderful when it is set in attractive sterling silver frames. It is commonly used in grounding and also to deflect pessimism. If you are upset due to some unknown reasons or you are attacked by strange negativity, you should wear a sterling silver bracelet blessed with the beauty and power of Smokey quartz.


Smokey Quartz

With a sexy Smokey quartz bracelet in your sleek and smooth wrist, you can not only look attractive and pretty but create an optimistic atmosphere around you. With its mysterious healing powers, Smokey quartz bracelet can heal many problems. Smokey quartz is the national stone of Scotland. That makes it a respectable gemstone when it comes to gemstone jewelry lovers from Scotland. It is also believed that if a person wears Smokey quartz bracelet, he will be able to keep away tensions, troubles and fearful feelings. Smokey quartz bracelets are extremely helpful for those persons who feel scared, have a weak heart or who feel that their mind fluctuates a lot. A Smokey quartz bracelet has grounding properties that can make the mind of the wearer peaceful and serene. With these baffling powers, Smokey quartz bracelets can curtail or even diminish anxiety, frightful attacks, and despair. Smokey quartz also has some magical healing properties that can clear problems like pain in feet, joints and other troubles related to the Central Nervous System. If you have any problem related to the above mentioned ones, you should always wear a sterling silver bracelet accented with Smokey quartz. It will make you look pretty as well as heal all your problems. By wearing a Smokey quartz bracelet you can stand out in crowd. It looks pretty with your daily ensembles and also adds graceful appeal to the personality of the wearer. The charm and stunning splendor of Smokey quartz is remarkable!


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