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Smokey Quartz Earrings in Sterling Silver $349.08   $104.87


When it comes to Gemstone jewelry, Quartz ranks high as one of a very fashionable and voguish gemstone that people love to adorn as jewelry item. Quartz is an admired, attractive and popular stone that is available in abundance. But a raw piece of Quartz is not used as a jewelry embellishment. It is treated with other things and after that synthetic quartz comes into being that is used as gemstone jewelry. It comes in rainbow hues and is cherished by people of all age, gender and class. It is a stone in demand and stylish people love to collect jewelry embellished with Quartz.

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Quartz jewelry

Since prehistoric times, jewelry aficionados love the splendor and fascination of Quartz Jewelry. The compelling color and sparkle of natural Quartz jewelry is striking and its charm is hard to resist. Quartz is one of the most loveable gemstone when it comes to the world of jewelry lovers.

Quartz Rings

It is believed that, apart from the enigmatic exquisiteness and unique swank, Quartz rings have some supernatural powers. That makes it one of the popular and cherished gemstone that people love to wear on their finger. The richness and beauty of a ring embedded with Quartz is really appealing.

Quartz pendants

The shining hue of a pendant with a brilliant gemstone like Quartz can suffuse your style quotient with immense swagger. Check out our jewelry store for impressive, eye-catchy and attractive pendant accented with Quartz. With a thrilling and charming pendant in your neck you will look pretty, elegant, classy.

Quartz earrings

With stylish and classy earrings decorated with the magnificent gemstone Quartz, one can look pretty and ladylike. Quartz earrings can add splendid appeal to the personality of the wearer. Plus it looks great with all kind of dresses. Check out our store for the sassy and elegant collection of Quartz earrings.

Quartz bracelets

Our store has a wide range of drop dead gorgeous bracelets decorated with high quality Quartz. With a stylish and rakish bracelet wrapped around your dainty wrist you can flash a classy yet swaggering fashion statement. Our store has an assortment for people of every class, taste and age.

Quartz Necklace

The esteem and refined charisma of a jewelry box is in complete without a dazzling necklace accentuated with beautiful and captivating Quartz. The radiant and ravishing charm attached to the high end swank of a woman is highlighted with a Quartz necklace. You can flash a dazzling style statement with a necklace embellished with Quartz.


Quartz jewelry has a traditional appeal and vivacious swank. Apart from being fashionable and versatile, Quartz has some mystic healing powers. Quartz jewelry is used worldwide for beautification of personality and it reflects the classy taste of the wearer. Earrings embellished with the sassy and alluring pieces of Quartz flash a unique style statement. Women with quartz earrings look gorgeous and dashing. Fashionable people, especially youngsters love to add the assortment of Quartz bracelets to their personality as it looks funky as well as elegant. With a stylish bracelet accentuating the wrist of the wearer, he or she can look unique, stunning and exquisite. Quartz jewelry is versatile, easy to clean and looks glamorous when matched with everyday attires as well as party wear dresses. Rings studded with the gleaming pieces of Quartz looks rakish. It enhances the looks of the wearer makes him or her stand out in crowd. If you are an elegant lady who has a keen eye on ravishing and exclusive jewelry items, try the Quartz necklace.


Our gemstone jewelry store has a wide range of glittering gemstones. You will love to check out the complete collection of Quartz jewelry from our store. We have high quality quartz with sparkling cuts and clarity embedded in stunning and unique designs. Our Quartz jewelry collection is affordable, specially designed for people of all age, gender and class. You will enjoy hassle free, cost effective and smart deal from our jewelry store.