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Petrified Wood Rings
Petrified Wood Rings

Petrified Wood is an extraordinary stone that is found near Carnarvon, Western Australia. This marvelous stone, Petrified Wood actually comes from those trees which grew almost 70 million years ago during the Cretaceous Period. It assists the wearer to step forward towards success and the path where he or she wants to. Sterling silver rings embellished with this awe inspiring stone helps the one who wears it in many different ways. If a person wears it as a ring, it is said that the powers of Petrified Wood infuses secure feeling to the wearer.


Petrified Wood Rings

If you wear a Petrified Wood Ring in sterling silver, it is said that, the mystic powers of Petrified Wood will keep you secure and will help you to calm down in case of certain fears. Apart from making you look pretty, a sterling silver sing with the beauty of Petrified Wood helps in setting swiftness in the life of the wearer. It also brings tolerance to people who suffer from very slow inner transformation. Petrified Wood has some healing powers and history is evident that it is beneficial in rectifying one’s prolong backbone problems. It also helps in improving the texture of hair.


Some societies also believe that with the charismatic powers, Petrified Wood can enhance skeletal system. By wearing a sterling silver Petrified Wood Rings, you can have great positive impact in your life. Petrified Wood is an excellent stone that infuses good fortune and stability in the life of the wearer. It ensures the feeling of security, strength and longevity. With its soothing effects on the wearer, Petrified Wood rings are also blessed with the magical powers with which it can ensure grounding, serenity and intelligence to the wearer.


Associated with the zodiac Leo, Petrified Wood comes in Brown hues and lustrous texture. If you want to bestow your business with success, you should wear  Petrified Wood rings. Check out our gemstone jewelry for a complete collection of mesmerizing rings sanctified with the magnetism of Petrified Wood. I am sure you will love to shop from our handmade range of sterling silver Petrified Wood rings.


Petrified Wood Pendants