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A variety of olivine, Peridot gemstone is a calming green gemstone with charming allure and classy appeal. The striking bright shade of Peridot makes it a popular choice among jewelry lovers. Well, Peridot is not an outstandingly rare variety of gemstone but the passionate color and enthralling appeal of Peridot makes it an expensive one. Peridot can be ranked as one of the most precious stone among the range of semi precious gemstones. The charming green hue of Peridot gemstone has a bedazzling spell and that makes it a hot choice among classy and elegant fashionistas.
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Peridot jewelry

Peridot Jewelry is soothing to eyes and makes you look calm, serene as well as stunning. If you don’t have the mesmerizing gemstone in your jewelry box, you are actually missing a dazzling and charming delight. It represents your swank, adds immense beauty to the wearer plus it energizes the aura of the one who adorns it.

Peridot Rings

Rings accented with Peridot can splash divine, celestial and unique beauty. If you want to be different from others, you need to lead the bandwagon. This is only possible if you have your own identity and taste for accessories. A Peridot ring in your sexy and smooth finger can help you boost the swagger and statement.

Peridot pendants

Peridot being a rare, alluring, stunning gemstone looks striking and tantalizing when embedded in a pendant. Each piece of Peridot studded in a pendant has a different story. So, that makes your pendant charismatic and mesmerizing. With a pendant decorated with Peridot gemstone you can add a graceful, elegant and posh appeal to your style.

Peridot earrings

With a lovely and dazzling pair of earring studded with beautiful Peridot, you can flash a stylish, stunning and captivating style statement. In our store, we have a nice range of striking designs of Peridot earrings including, studs, drops, danglers, hoops and chandeliers to make you stand out in crowd.

Peridot bracelets

Glamour, style and ravishing beauty is actually highlighted with accessories like a bracelet. A bracelet not only adds a striking allure to your dainty and attractive wrist, but makes you look different, each time you throw your style. We have classy, elegant as well as funky peridot bracelets in our store to make you look enticing.

Peridot Necklace

A necklace is one of the most important jewelry item that women love to poses. It shows your class, taste and style. With a brilliant and sparkling necklace embellished with Peridot, you can steal every show. Peridot necklaces are eye catching, calming and classy. Make it a part of your fashion statement and enjoy compliments like never before.


The captivating charisma that Peridot flings on the panache of wearer is beyond any comparison. Jewelry accented with the cheerful green Peridot charms both wearer and his or her admirer. Peridot has some mystic powers to bring out the energies from the aura and it can transfer these energies to the physical body of the wearer. Peridot adds some mesmerizing and magical powers to the wearer that helps him or her to understand the transformations in one's life. This quality of Peridot gemstone helps the wearer as a protective shield around his or her body. The gemstone also has some divine powers that cleanses and stimulates the Heart and Solar Plexus chakras. Since long times, Peridot is adorned by jewelry aficionados. It is a valuable gemstone that looks stunning and engaging when embedded in gold or silver jewelry.


Peridot had a high demand among the Egyptian Kings as they considered it as a greatly valued gemstone for making jewelry. It is also said that some of Cleopatra's emeralds were in reality, sparkling pieces of Peridots. It is said that Peridot has an exceptional power that helps the wearer to gain celestial inspiration and divine powers. That is why people in their middle ages like to wear jewelry accented with the appealing and enthralling Peridot gemstone. Even pirates used to wear gemstone jewelry made up of Peridots in order to protect them from evil powers. In our gemstone jewelry store we have a vast collection of jewelry embellished with beautiful, vivid, bright and shimmering lime green color. Our designs are delicate and exquisitely designed for the sassy jewelry.