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Onyx jewelry looks beautiful and charming. Onyx rings and Onyx necklaces looks ravishing with Little Black Dress on any occasion. Onyx comes in various shapes, hues, sizes and in jewelvalley.com we present a wide range of jewelry item exclusively designed with Onyx. Our Onyx jewelry range includes charming Onyx necklaces, stunning Onyx earrings, captivating Onyx pendants, eye catching Onyx rings and trendy Onyx bracelets. Array of Onyx gemstone consist of the trendy and lustrous black onyx, delightful carnelian onyx, with white and red bands, and charismatic beauty, sardonyx having white and brown bands.

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Onyx jewelry

If you are always preoccupied with the negative and depressing thinking, a jewelry item embellished the beautiful and enthralling gemstone, Onyx, will surely help you sharp your wit and relax your mind. Apart from the healing powers, Onyx jewelry has striking beauty to add captivating splendor to your panache.

Onyx Rings

With a striking Onyx ring in your finger, you can steal every attention. It looks good with both formal and casual attires. Apart from giving a fascinating allure to your sexy, dainty and beautiful fingers, an Onyx ring can have a serene and soothing effect on your mind also.

Onyx pendants

Our collection of Onyx pendants flings rich, diversified and aristocratic appeal. With the classy splendor of Onyx pendant on your stunning, graceful and sexy neck, you can add match-less beauty to your entire persona. Our collection has special assortments for fashion conscious women of all age, class and taste.

Onyx earrings

If your style is distinct from the crowd and you love your unique and enchanting swank, you must try Onyx earrings. It can help you boost an exceptional swagger. In our store we have elegant, sassy, cool, funky, formal, semi formal and very elegant earrings made up of Onyx.

Onyx bracelets

A jewelry item that can add instant appeal and dash to your outlook is a bracelet. A bracelet accented with the mesmerizing beauty of Onyx can help you trigger an ostentatious spell over your admirers. We have a mind blowing range of fashionable bracelets blessed with the chic and dazzling grandiose.

Onyx Necklace

As far as jewelry is concern nothing can match the bedazzling charisma of a majestic necklace. In our store we present a mesmerizing range of luxurious Onyx necklaces. The Onyx necklaces that we have in our store will truly enhance your beauty as our designs are flawless and exquisite.


In jewelvalley.com we have the complete range of Onyx jewelry at comparatively best price to make our customers feel happy and satisfied. For those jewelry lovers who have a little knowledge of gemstones. I would like to share a piece of information that Onyx is a banded kind of the cryptocrystalline Quartz chalcedony. People love to embrace Onyx jewelry as it looks delightful, pretty and has charming appeal. Onyx rings and Onyx pendants looks great when adorned by both men and women. Even youngsters love to appreciate the sublime splendor of glistening Onyx jewelry. It is popular, looks stunning and the Sardonyx, with white and brown bands, is the birthstone of those born between the months of July 23 - Aug 22, which makes them Leo (Lion) by zodiac. On the birth anniversary of your Leo friends, you can gift them Onyx rings or Onyx bracelets. If you are about to celebrate your seventh marriage anniversary, you should gift your partner Onyx necklace, because the glistening beauty of Onyx will make them look pretty plus it will make your married life happier. If you have spent wonderfully memorable ten years of your wedding and celebrating the decade of your happily married life, Black Onyx is your anniversary stone. Black Onyx necklace look extremely sexy and sterling silver Black Onyx rings are versatile. Buy Onyx jewelry for yourself of gift it to your partner.


The mystic powers of Onyx jewelry will bless your married life and you will also appreciate the charismatic beauty of the gemstone. Onyx is a symbol and insignia of expressiveness, lucidity perspicuity. Onyx jewelry has some magical powers that eradicate negative thinking plus it sharpens the intelligence, wit and reasoning power of the wearer. Onyx earrings when worn with classic grey dress can do wonders to your entire personality.


History of Onyx Gemstone

Birthstone of those lucky people who share their zodiac as Leo, Onyx is an adorable gemstone. This makes Onyx jewelry best gift for your Leo friends. Buy Onyx earrings or Onyx rings to them and see the charm accentuate like never before. Onyx is also an anniversary stone for those lucky people who are celebrating their 7th year of nuptial knot. Onyx jewelry, especially the one in black is gifted to people who are celebrating their 10 year of wedding. A variety of microcrystalline quartz, called chalcedony, Onyx is a pretty looking stone popular for its use in ornaments. Onyx pendants are classy and Onyx bracelets are sizzling sexy. It is believed that the name “chalcedony” was derived from an ancient port named as Calcedon or Calchedon, which was on the Sea of Marmara in Asia Minor.


During initial days, ornamental materials were mined in that area. It also used to be an active center for trading most of the ornamental stones also. Onyx had its wide usage in the ancient times as base and handles of the gold items. It was also popularly used as the stone engrave work in the past. History is evident that Onyx seals were extremely admired among the Romans. The Romans used to carve some pattern of the seal in order to get relief from evils. Ancient Romans used the Onyx with several layers and each layers with a different color. When the layers were individually carved it use to flash amazingly pretty patterns. They often used the separately carved layers to fabricate diverse pattern each year.


Romans used the name Onyx for a type of marble which has yellow and white veins. In Greek mythology, the word Onyx is used for a “claw” or “fingernail”. This is because, the veins on its surface look like the shades of a fingernail. Till date, this variety of marble is popularly called as “onyx marble,” and it is soft and less expensive as compared to the original Onyx. The traditional usage of Onyx was for carving cameo brooches and there are much folklore describing it. These days Onyx jewelry is very popular, especially among those with high class taste. Onyx earrings and Onyx necklaces are the most loved pieces of jewelry women love to posses.


According to a myth related to the origin of Onyx, it is said that the goddess Venus was once sitting on the bank of Indus River. She was resting and fell asleep. The moment she slept, the cupid used his pointed arrow to give her manicure session. During the process, the parings of her nails scattered and some fell in the river. Her nails were of heavenly origin and the water was sacred, so, the nails sank to the bottom of the holy river and as a result the metamorphosed nails into Onyx stone, that we cherish till today.


Well known for its beauty and swank, Onyx is also a protective stone which helps the wearer in conquering the encounters of conflicts of every type. People wear Onyx rings and Onyx pendants to keep their spirits high. The magical powers associated with Onyx help the owner in overcoming all the tough times and time of trials. Believed as the stone of courage and strength, in the classic ceremony of magic, the head of god Mars and even the figure of the hero Hercules used to be carved on Onyx stone. According to ancient Indian and Persian tales, it is believed that by wearing Onyx jewelry, especially Onyx rings and Onyx pendants the wearer is shielded against the evil eye.