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Moonstone jewelry looks stylish, stunning and makes the wearer flash a unique charm. The bedazzling beauty of Moonstone jewelry makes the wearer look attractive and pretty. Moonstone earrings and Moonstone necklaces are hot choice among elegant ladies and young girls love to fall for Moonstone bracelets and Moonstone pendants. Apart from being elegant and enthralling, Moonstone imitates the mysterious shine of the moonlight that helps in stimulating healing qualities of the wearer. By going in for Moonstone jewelry including Moonstone earrings and Moonstone necklace you buy a perfect piece of jewelry. Moonstone jewelry is a classic piece of luck in your collection. Moonstone jewelry is a debonair which you can cherish for years.

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Moonstone jewelry

Blessed with the mystifying shine of the moonlight, jewelry accented with charismatic Moonstone looks shimmering and beautiful. Moonstone embedded jewelry looks mystic and adds exquisite beauty to the wearer. Our Moonstone jewelry collection is striking, enticing and drop dead gorgeous. We have appealing and stunning Moonstone jewelry.

Moonstone Rings

It is believed that Moonstone jewelry has some healing powers. If a woman adorns a ring embellished with Moonstone, it can help triggering knowledge, mother-hood and selflessness. It also balances sensitivity. Apart from all the enticing features, it helps reducing premenstrual difficulties and thus it balances hormones and menstrual cycles of women.

Moonstone pendants

The beauty and charm of a pendant is matchless. A pendant looks pretty, distinct and alluring on men as well women. You can wear a pendant with your dresses. The beauty and captivating charm of a pendant gets double when it is decorated with matchless pieces of Moonstone gemstone.

Moonstone earrings

Women of all class, age and taste love decorating their ear with the bedazzling charm of earrings. We have a complete collection of eye catching, earrings accented with the Moonstone gemstone. It looks awesome, graceful and stunning. Our collection of earrings beautified with the enthralling Moonstone includes, classy studs, swanky danglers, glamorous chandeliers and pretty drops.

Moonstone bracelets

Check out our collection of Moonstone decorated bracelets. From funky to elegant, pretty to cool, our store has a unique collection to cater the requirement of every one. Since ancient times, bracelets look fantastic on the wrists of both men and women. A Moonstone bracelet adds extra swank and magnetism to the personality of the wearer.


History of Moonstone
The birth stone for people who are born in the month of June, Moon stone jewelry is pretty and glamorous. Moonstone jewelry is traditionally gifted to people who are celebrating their 13 year of wedding. So, if it is your 13th anniversary, buy a ravishing Moonstone necklace for your wife. Moon Stone jewelry is popular and is really admired in India. Also prized as an adorable stone among Romans, Moon Stone jewelry is believed to have magical powers that come from the moonlight. Moonstone jewelry is popular among the Romans since the 100 AD and it is believed to have some amazing magical powers. Along with the ancient Romans the ancient Greeks also linked Moon Stone jewelry with Goddess of Moon. Moonstone comes from the mineral family of feldspar, and it is widely available across the globe. Moon stone pendants look classic and Moonstone earrings make a great gift for young as well as middle aged women. Although the superior quality of Moon Stone is really rare and it is becoming scarce with time, so the fine quality of Moon Stone is quiet expensive.


According to the pre historic stories, the Art Nouveau jewelry used Moon Stone in their designs and this tradition continued and received a boom until around 1925 in the US. Ancient men in the folklores used to wear stickpins for their tie Moon Stones. Their cuff links, rings and even watch chains were embellished with the luxurious and graceful Moon Stones. Women of that time used to wear ornaments including Moonstone bracelets, Moonstone brooches, Moonstone rings, Moonstone earrings, Moonstone pendants and Moonstone necklaces. Even till date women find Moon Stone jewelry irresistible. Moon Stone rates in between 6-6.5 when it comes to the hardness scale which makes it a soft stone that requires proper care if you want your Moon Stone jewelry to last long.


Very classy and glamorous, Moon Stone jewelry looks adorable in gold as well as silver. Moonstone is available in fantastic hues including whitish, gray-white, silvery-white, or milky white with a soft blue shimmer. Moonstone rings in sterling silver are popular and stylish. The shine of Moon Stone moves brilliantly across its face when the holder moves it. Its irresistible and elegant shine helps the gemstone sellers to decide its price of Moonstone jewelry. The more shimmer of Moon Stone makes it more expensive and valuable. If the piece of Moon Stone flashes multi color light, it can be called as Rainbow Moon Stone. The typical color and mysterious shimmer of Moon Stone is in reality caused by the minute albite insertion which reflect and scatter light. It mimics the glow and shine of Moon and that is why this stone is named as Moon Stone. Moon stone earrings in handmade frames of sterling silver are charming and girls love to buy it.


Always considered as a lucky stone, Moon Stone jewelry has a highly esteemed position in the Eastern countries. Even the Asians believe that Moon Stone has some magical powers that give the wearer live spirits. People wear Moonstone pendants and Moonstone rings to keep them happy and energetic. According to famous folklores, Moon Stone has the powers to turn this way and that and it can even help the owner in living a prosperous and happy life. It is believed in Asian countries that if a person is suffering from problems like nightmares or insomnia, they should place a Moon Stone underneath their pillow. Wearing Moonstone rings in sterling silver can also help in such situations. Moonstone jewelry can induce sweet dreams and restful sleep plus Moon Stone can help the owner from upcoming dangers.