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Moonstone Pendants
Moonstone Pendants

Moonstone is one of the best-looking and striking gemstones that look pretty and elegant when adorned as pendant in sterling silver. With the mysterious shine and baffling beauty of Moonlight, our handmade collection of pendants in sterling is ostentatious. If you are looking for some trendy as well as aristocratic charm for your wardrobe, check out our gemstone jewelry store. In our store we have an array of rainbow twinkle that makes our handmade collection of Moonstone jewelry in silver jewelry look exceptionally beautiful and captivating.


Moonstone Pendants

By snagging Moonstone studded pendants from our jewelry store, you are actually embracing beauty wrapped in mystifying and healing powers. Our wide collection of Moonstone pendants will not only add shine to your life but make you standout in crowd. With the charismatic powers of Moonstone studded pendants accenting your dainty wrists, you can have some healing and soothing effects.


Moonstone is a mystifying gemstone having magical powers that can stimulate knowledge, appreciation and pleasure of the wearer. It also has some nurturing powers that help in maternity. With the splendid beauty of a Moonstone pendant the wearer can boost up his or her feelings of altruism, compassion and humanitarian love. Well, these are the traits of the feminine moon goddess that is why it is said to be beneficial for females. Moonstone is also very helpful for those women who suffer from menstrual problems.


Moonstone pendants help in balancing hormonal and menstrual cycles if worn by a woman. With a shining Moonstone pendant you can look chic yet elegant for office, college, and parties and shopping. A moonstone accented pendant has that extra dash that can make you stand tall even in a crowded place. In our gemstone jewelry store we showcase enticing collection of handmade Moonstone pendants set in sterling silver.


The Moonstone that we use in our jewelry collection is flawless, high quality and is blessed with magnificence and shine of moon. With the stunning beauty and ostentatious designs of our Moonstone studded pendants, you can look elegant and highly polished. We have unique design of sterling silver pendants that can add immense glamour to your everyday as well as special occasion dresses.


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