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March BirthStone
March BirthStone

If you are a lucky person who enjoys the pleasure of sharing his or her birthday in March, you should know that Aquamarine is your birthstone. If a March born person wears gemstone jewelry with the beauty and grace of Aquamarine, it is believed to bestow good luck on his or her life. Brazil, Nigeria and Zambia are the well known resources from where Aquamarine is chiefly mined from. It is believed that Aquamarine is a cherished gemstone, since the pre historic times and even today, gemstone jewelry admirers love to collect jewelry items made with such a magnificent gemstone.


March BirthStone

The vivacious, appealing and beautiful handmade jewelry in sterling silver becomes irresistible when it is styled with the ostentatious beauty of Aquamarine. If you are born in the month of March, by wearing Aquamarine gemstone jewelry you can embrace spiritual consciousness along with the breathtaking beauty and swank of the brilliant gemstone.


Aquamarine helps in enhancing the mind with soothing and calming energies that leads to the tranquility of mind. It is believed that Aquamarine has some fascinating and charismatic powers that can have curing properties. When Aquamarine jewelry is adorned by a wearer, it helps him or her while sailing in ships. Aquamarine jewelry in sterling silver also has some properties that can infuse bravery, insight, and triumph in the life of the wearer.


Gemstone jewelry aficionados believe that by gifting Aquamarine jewelry one can enhance romantic relations. Aquamarine is a symbol of security that can be beneficial for those lovers who are having long standing relationship. According to them, Aquamarine jewelry is a nice gift for those who spend most of their time in sea. Aquamarine can safeguard them and can keep their love and romance warm.


Many jewelry lovers also consider that sterling silver jewelry blessed with the baffling and magnetic powers of Aquamarine can help in healing the swollen glands. It can also uphold the vigor and condition of the jaws and teeth. In our gemstone jewelry store we have excellently designed and unique hand-made frames of sterling silver. When magnificent Aquamarine gemstone is set in such beautiful frames, its arresting beauty and irresistible charm gets a high up surge.