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Labradorite Rings
Labradorite Rings

Labradorite Rings are really attractive and staying away from its magnetic charm is difficult. When embellished in sterling silver, Labradorite Rings looks amazingly appealing. Women love to wear Labradorite Rings for daily use as well as special occasions. Because of its versatile color, Labradorite is one of the favorite gemstone of women of all age, taste and class. The best feature that I find in Labradorite gemstone is that it has a unique characteristic, that when exposed to bright light. Labradorite, reflects sea blue, gold and green hues. But in dim or dark light, it reflects hues like grey or dark green.


Labradorite Rings

Labradorite is an assortment of plagioclase feldspar which is generally found in igneous rocks. When found in its polished form, Labradorite is called labradorescence. This sparkling crystal ranges faintly in between transparent to translucent. The darker array of Labradorite with bluish insertion is known as "black moonstone". It is usually cut with a flat surface to accentuate the sparkle of color.


Rings made up of Labradorite, hence have a pretty and interesting appeal along with the compelling splendor. Our jewelry designers make distinct sterling silver frames for exquisite gemstones like Labradorite. We use best, sparkling and flawless Labradorite gemstones to make perfect jewelry for our customers.


Labradorite, was originally found beside the coast of Labrador in 1805. But at present, it comes from Newfoundland, some parts of Canada, the Ukraine, the Ural Mountains, and the USA.


Gemstone jewelry lovers, makers and sellers, believe that Labradorite is blessed with some magical powers that can inject pleasure, bliss and compassion to the wearer. Apart from the physical beauty and glamour, it has some mystic charm that triggers the fortune of the wearer. It also helps in rejuvenating the mind and heart of the wearer. If a person wears a Labradorite Ring in sterling silver, it is said that this ring helps in keeping a good balance between mind and body. It heals infections and upsurges the level of perception. With its powers Labradorite jewelry in sterling silver helps in keeping the bad energies and negative things away from the wearer.


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