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Iolite jewelry has a magnetic charm that makes the wearer look extra ordinarily beautiful and elegant. Jewelry items made up of this magnificent gemstone is appreciated by people. The flawless charm and striking allure of Iolite makes it a popular gemstone among the jewelry lovers. In our gemstone jewelry store we have a complete range of attractive designs made up of clear and sparkling Iolite. We have in our collection beautiful rings, elegant bracelets, sassy earrings, magnificent necklace and eye catching pendants made up of highly afforable Iolite gemstones.


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Iolite jewelry

The purple-blue color of Iolite makes it a uniquely pretty gemstone. Falling in love with the attraction and charm of Iolite is obvious. Iolite Jewelry made up is alluring to eyes and I am sure you will love to buy it from our store.

Iolite Rings

If you love to add elegance and glamour to your personality, the mesmerizing charm of Iolite will definitely click you. The brilliant hue and fascinating cuts of Iolite rings has a dazzling appeal and enthralling magnetism. With such a marvelous gemstone studded ring in your finger, you can splash trendy and alluring beauty.

Iolite pendants

If you want to experience an exclusive style statement, you need to choose an accessory that can help you stand out in crowd. Buy Iolite pendant from our store and enjoy the attractive range at affordable price. The beauty and striking appeal of Iolite pendants is breath-taking.

Iolite earrings

Girls can’t stay away from the beauty, charm and attraction of gemstone earrings. Iolite is one of the most beautiful gemstone that looks stylish and classy on ears. Be it simple studs, heavy and sassy chandeliers, chic danglers or classy rings the grandeur of Iolite earrings is irresistible.

Iolite bracelets

To look remarkable each time you step out of your door, you need to have at least one Iolite bracelet. You can make your dainty wrist look more sexy and attractive with an assortment of the deep purple-blue Iolite bracelet. The sparkling allure of the jewelry accented with Iolite will definitely bedazzle your panache.


Apart from the iconic beauty that an Iolite gemstone flings, it has some therapeutic properties that make it a popular choice among jewelry lovers. It comes in elegant and mesmerizing colors and has a fine texture. The fascinating qualities of Iolite make it an admired gemstone for the jewelry aficionados as well as jewelry makers and sellers. Our gemstone jewelry has some mind blowing Iolite jewelry items that makes our customers feel like snagging at once. The moment our customers have their first sight on our Iolite jewelry range they love adding it to their shopping cart. We have stunning jewelry designs to attract both men and women of all age and class.


The magical blue purple hue of Iolite is captivating and resisting the charm of its beauty is very difficult. When embedded in silver, Iolite looks stunning and after it is adorned by the wearer, the magnetism and charm of the jewelry piece is up surged to the highest level. Iolite is also loved by people because of its highly valued qualities as far as the Indian Ayurvedic medicinal tradition is concerned.


People who believe in the Indian medicinal science, Ayurveda, have respect and gratitude for Iolite. It is also believed that Iolite is the best stone for turning on the third eye and crown chakras. Jewelry accented with the classy Iolite gemstone can stimulates psychic attentiveness and consciousness hence it promotes precision, truthfulness and wisdom in intuitive pursuits. Iolite is a lovely gemstone that makes remarkable jewelry plus has mystic powers that can govern the entire persona of the wearer.


History of Iolite Gemstone:

An assortment of mineral cordierite, Iolite is a stone commonly known as “water Sapphire” because of its deep blue color that resembles Sapphire. Iolite received its name from Greek word “ios” which means violet. Just like Sapphire and Tanzanite, Iolite is also pleochroic. Which means Iolite transmits light in different directions when it is observed from different directions. According to old stories, it is said that the Vikings used to take help of this stone in order to navigate their trips by using very thin slices of Iolite as light polarizer. Vikings used to observe the sky through Iolite to locate their exact location. Iolite works just like a Polaroid by cancelling the haze, mist and clouds etc. Iolite can make things look clear and this is one of the important reason, people used to name it as the "Viking's Compass."


History is evident that Iolite has been loved and admired for centuries but it was officially named in 1912. During the 18th century, Iolite jewelry was really popular in Europe but these days its use is quiet rare. In this day and age, Cordierite, the mineral from where Iolite arrives from, is mainly used in industrial processes. Heating implants and electric insulators are made from Cordierite. Well known as the anniversary stone of those lucky people who are celebrating their 21 years of wedding, Iolite is found in abundance and this is why it s price tag is reasonable.


The best thing about Iolite stone is its pleochrism, which makes it fling deep blue color when light falls at it from one direction. It also flashes yellow grey or indigo hues from other direction and the best part is it becomes almost colorless when it is seen from the third direction. Real Iolite is never too glistening, but when it is transparent it has vitreous sheen. The hardness of a piece of Iolite stone can range from 7-7 ½. It may appear like a shining piece of Sapphire, but when it comes to durability, Iolite is not as durable as an Iolite stone.


Mainly found scattered in igneous rocks affluent with alumina and silica, Iolite is mostly found in larger crystals. Chief sources of Iolite are Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and India. It is also found in some other places including Namibia, Tanzania and the Northwest territories of Canada. Pretty crystals of Iolite also come from Germany, Norway, and Finland, Madagascar, the United States, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Brazil.


Mystic powers associated with Iolite help in enhancing the inquisitiveness and achievement. It also guides one in the process of spiritual growth. Iolite is famous for helping in overcoming co-dependency with a colleague. Iolite boosts affability and infuses high as well as pure thoughts. It helps in promoting the feeling of charity and kindness. It stimulates the desire for self love and in accepting the real self. With its healing and soothing qualities, Iolite helps in strengthening one's eyesight. Iolite is a great stone when it comes to self-acceptance and love in romantic encounters.