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Iolite Bracelets
Iolite Bracelets

Iolite is a violet-blue gemstone that makes lovely jewelry. It derived its name from Greek word “ios” that means “violet.” When it comes to gemstone jewelry, Iolite makes wonderfully pretty and eye catching bracelets and women of all age love to wear. Iolite is a versatile gemstone and its beauty gets elevated when it is studded in sterling silver. The very important and interesting quality that makes Iolite admirable gemstone is that it displays pleochroism that is, Iolite gemstone exhibits different hues when light of different wavelength falls on its cuts. Bracelets with such a unique and awesome quality look mesmerizing and fabulous.


Iolite Bracelets

It is believed that bracelets beautified with the brilliance and grandeur of Iolite look captivating on dainty and sexy wrists. Iolite being a versatile gemstone can be matched with various dresses and can be worn on different occasions. Because of its good looks and stunning appeal, Iolite is admired by gemstone jewelry makers, sellers, buyers and lovers. It mainly comes from Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Myanmar, Brazil and India. When embellished in sterling silver, its beauty comes out in a stupendously marvelous way. If you are celebrating 21 anniversary of your nuptial knot, a bracelet with the fabulous charm of Iolite can be a great gift. Gemstone jewelry aficionados love this superb gemstone because it looks enthralling and it is highly durable. The velvety blue shade of Iolite adds exotic look to it and bracelets made with such fine and mesmerizing beauty are well accepted by jewelry admirers. With a charming and attractive Iolite bracelet in your wrist, you can actually make your admirer drool over your beauty and classy allure. In our gemstone jewelry store we showcase a wide array of sterling silver bracelets with the captivating charisma of Iolite bracelets. Our collection has unique designs and magnetic appeal that can make you stand out in crowd. Iolite bracelet is one such accessory that the wearer can never go wrong with. So, if you are a true lover of gemstones, go in for our collection and buy affordable and fascinating designs of glamorous and sophisticated Iolite bracelets.


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