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Celebrity weddings are usually talked about all over the world, with some of them even being aired on major global news channels and talk shows for so many months. From engagement to weddings, the cushion cut diamonds are the perfect example of what you should expect from the best rings. They have a sense of class to them that surely out-shines a lot of the precious stones that people use from time to time. We will go into details in this article about why cushion cut diamond ring is one of the favorites among diamond lovers, especially for those shopping for their engagement rings, and we will share with you some useful diamond buying tips here.

Cushion cut diamonds are very romantic looking, compared to the other popular fancy cuts. The look of days long gone and the nostalgia they carry are simply too difficult to resist for most of the women. One must also consider that cushion cut diamonds are perfect for both micro pave and halo settings which make them highly suitable for most of the rings as these two patters are used in the diamond ring Singapore today, one or the other.

However, the corners of these diamonds are cropped or softened and thus, the pillow shape comes to existence. In fact, one of the most popular diamond engagement rings in the world is actually cushion cut diamond ring.

image showing cushion cut engagement ring designs

Cushion cut diamonds can be an alternative to oval shape or the fancy princess shape diamonds as they tend to reflect more light, thanks to their unbroken and large facets. That gives the diamond a great shine and dazzle. The diamond looks really charming and has a dreamy quality.

In terms of the design and the overall appearance, the cushion cut diamonds can be compared to the emerald cut diamonds, or the square cuts. The reason for this is because the cushion cut diamonds are specially designed to have a slightly rounded appearance though they are slightly softer along the edges.

image showing cushion cut diamond, princess cut diamond, round diamond

Therefore when you look at it for the first time, you will be able to take note of the fact that they pretty much look like a rectangle or even a square depending on the one that comes to your mind first.

When you want to get the best use out of the cushion cut diamonds, you can set them alone or you can use them together with other diamonds. Smaller diamonds can usually be added to the collection to accentuate the cushion cut diamonds, or you can simply prong them on their own.

Whichever of these you decide to use depends on what you intend to achieve in the long run. Still, on the diamond cut, the cushion cut diamonds usually have 60 facets or faces. This comes from an ancient concept that was used to design these diamonds back in the day. They were spectacularly cut so that they would be able to give off the best sparkle in candlelight. Therefore when you come across a cushion cut diamond that has around 60 facets, you can be sure that it is in the right diamond grading.

As a result of modifications here and there, however, there are new age gold diamond rings that have more facets than these and because of this, they are able to give off more sparkle. The ones that are designed today are also made in such a way that they have more color so that they can atone for their deficiency in the number of facets.

Cushion cut diamond ring is definitely one of the best proposal rings that we will recommend to anyone who wants to buy a classic and evergreen diamond ring.