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History is evident that Garnet is used in making jewelry items since ages. There are proofs that garnets were traced in the jewelry found in the relics of Bronze Age. In historic times, Garnet jewelry was commonly used by people because of its supernatural powers. With the Mystic charm and magical powers, Garnets was used as a protector by the travelers. It was considered as a lucky gemstone for those who used to travel in order to discover foreign lands. The sparkling and enthralling Garnet gemstone is found in the mines of countries including the US, Europe, Australia, Tanzania, Brazil, Russia and Africa.

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Garnet jewelry

Since ancient times, jewelry lovers value the beauty and charm of Garnet Jewelry. The deep red color of natural Garnet jewelry is stunning and the charm that it flings is matchless. The association of Garnet with vigor, valor and passion makes it a loveable gemstone. It is also believed that Garnet jewelry contains some powers that trigger sexual energy and fertility.

Garnet Rings

It is said that, apart from charismatic beauty, Garnet rings have some mystic powers to instigate love, sensuality and self-confidence. That is one of the reason people love to wear Garnet rings. The rich color of the gemstone casts a spell on the wearer and he or she looks beautiful.

Garnet pendants

The sparkling deep red Garnet gemstones can infuse distinct swagger to your style when it is embedded in a pendant. With a mesmerizing garnet pendant on your neck, you can flash a very impressive style statement. You can pair a pendant embellished with Garnet with a cool dress as well as office attire. It will look sassy and classy.

Garnet earrings

To look drop dead gorgeous is your right and Garnet earrings can add splendor to your panache. Be it some formal event, casual meeting with client or your special dinner date, Garnet earrings have the powers to make you look pretty. Best thing about Garnet earrings is that you can match it with all your dresses.

Garnet bracelets

We have a vast range of beautiful bracelets accented with Garnet in our store. You can select according to your style, taste and budget to make your sexy wrist look stylish and charming. Bracelets can look funky with cool dresses and adds sassy allure to a cocktail dress. If paired with an elegant gown it adds graceful touch.

Garnet Necklace

The esteem and aristocratic charm attached with the dazzling allure of Garnet necklace is unique and radiant. With a stylish Garnet necklace on your neck you can bedazzle your admirers and make your rivals turn green with envy. The rakish exquisiteness and splendor of Garnet necklace is beyond any comparison.


History of Garnet Gemstone

Birthstone of people born in the month of January and anniversary stone for the lucky ones who are celebrating their second year of marriage, Garnet is a flawlessly pretty gemstone. Garnet derived its name from Latin word, “Garanatus,” that means “seedlike,” in reference to the seeds of pomegranate. This is because; loose Garnet stones look similar like the beautiful and crystal like bright red seeds of a pomegranate. History is evident that Garnet is popular since ages and people with high rank give Garnet a great place in their jewelry box. Garnet is treated as a superior stone because it is highly durable and its hardness is also amazing.


There are well accepted stories that a Roman engraver engraved Plato’s portrait on a garnet. The King of Saxony claims that he had a garnet of over 465 carats. Czechoslovakian city Bohemia was once a rich resource of Garnet and during those years the cutting, polishing, and mounting of Garnets was done in a high scale in the country. Most of the Bohemian castles and churches are embellished with the magnificent interiors bejeweled with the fabulous Garnet. In fact, the Bohemian Garnets are respected across the globe even today. The Bohemian Garnets are popular for the shine and beauty and jewelry lovers love to fall for its majestic exquisiteness.


Garnet jewelry coming from Czech Republic is still famous for the way it is tightly arranged like small and shining pieces of pomegranate seeds. The classiness and beauty of Garnet jewelry made the Anglo-Saxons adore it. They adorned a typical jewelry form set with Garnet pieces mounted in different forms. The 18th and 19th centuries experiences a memorable fashion phase when Garnets were popular and was given high respect. People used to go in for Garnet jewelry very frequently and most of the jewelry lovers used to wore Garnets in the Victorian times.


People in Old Spain had a special something for pomegranate and that is why Garnet jewelry was their favorite. According to Spanish astrology, the Garnet was a symbol that represented the sun. During the ancient times, Garnet was popularly called as “Carbuncle,” which narrates its color and gives reference to a boil or blister. They used to give this name to some other red stones also, but it was particular name popular for Garnet.


According to Greek mythology, a pomegranate is a symbol of a gift that a lover gives to the other. This is because of the eternity associated with pomegranate. People of that time used to believe that if a lover gifts Garnet jewelry to the other, their love and romance reach the eternity. Even today, Garnet is considered as the lucky gemstone for those lucky people who are celebrating 19 years of their nuptial knot. People also gift their loved ones Garnet jewelry on two-year and six-year anniversaries. A symbol of healer of broken love, Garnet is also gifted to a beloved before boarding for a trip as it is supposed to make a strong bond between lovers even if they are separated plus Garnet ensures speedy return.


Garnet comes in many different colors but the most common one that is used in gemstone jewelry manufacturing is deep red Garnet. It looks stunning when embellished in gold or silver jewelry. It accents the looks and panache of the wearer plus it has some mystic and healing powers attached to it. People believe that a Garnet embedded jewelry, probably a ring or pendant, has some powers to heal disorders related to blood and infections. It has magical effects that can cure sickness including hypertension and depression.


Garnets are also believed as helpful in cleansing the thyroid and spleen plus it increases the wearer’s libido. Garnet is one such breathtaking gemstone that can bedazzle the admirers of the wearer and make him or her stand out in crowd. Gemstone jewelry decorated with the spectacular charm of Garnet can be used as a token of love when gifted to a special someone. It is a common saying that one received lifetime joy and luck along with a gift of gemstone jewelry beautified with Garnet. That makes it a perfect gift for your lover. It also enhances friendship, romantic bond and is lucky for business. Giving a Garnet accented jewelry to your lover or romantic partner while he or she is going for a trip is considered auspicious. As the gifted jewelry protects the person and is a marvelous token of your love.


In our gemstone jewelry store you will find stunning and eye catching jewelry items beautified with the gorgeously ostentatious gemstone Garnet. Our jewelry collection with the assortment of Garnet includes rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces.