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Garnet Jewelry
Garnet Jewelry

History is evident that Garnet is used in making jewelry items since ages. There are proofs that garnets were traced in the jewelry found in the relics of Bronze Age. In historic times, Garnet jewelry was commonly used by people because of its supernatural powers. With the Mystic charm and magical powers, Garnets was used as a protector by the travelers. It was considered as a lucky gemstone for those who used to travel in order to discover foreign lands. The sparkling and enthralling Garnet gemstone is found in the mines of countries including the US, Europe, Australia, Tanzania, Brazil, Russia and Africa.

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Garnet Jewelry

Garnets are shining gemstone commonly available in rich red color. It resembles pomegranate seeds and looks awesome when set in sterling silver frames of jewelry. Women of all age and class find the charm of Garnet irresistible. The deep red color of Garnet is amazing but it is also found in mind boggling hues including, brown and black, oranges, pink and even green. When embedded in sterling silver, the prettiness of Garnet gets a special hype and this is something highly appreciated by gemstone jewelry lovers. Garnet rings look fantabulous with almost every dress plus Garnet necklace sets make fearless jewelry for uptown fashion lovers.


An energizing gemstone, Garnet helps the wearer in many different ways. It helps in cleansing of the chakras and gemstone jewelry experts believe that Garnet jewelry brings passion if the wearer lacks it. Garnet can also suffuse serenity among those who need it. So, it helps in balancing the mind, thoughts and actions of the wearer. Garnet is also believed to have some powers with which it helps the wearer by inspiring them in their love life. Garnet balances the sex drive of the wearer and is an outstanding gemstone when the wearer is facing tough times of crisis. Popular as a protective gemstone for travelers, Garnet is worn by travelers. It boosts the confidence of the wearer and opens their heart.


The most commonly found Garnet is the one available in Red color. So, this makes it a popular option for gemstone jewelry lovers. Sterling silver Garnet jewelry is an awesome option for those who are planning to make a stunning appearance in a social gathering. When worn with silk or satin dresses the warm hue of Garnet gets mingled with coolness of sterling silver and makes the wearer look striking. Sterling silver properly balances with the deep color of garnet and adds classiness to the entire panache of the wearer. One of the reasons that Garnet jewelry is really popular is because it suits all skin tones. Jewelry lovers have a special place for this gemstone in their jewelry box.


The sturdy nature of Garnet makes it easy to clean. All you have to do is use warm soapy water and wipe it off with cotton and let it dry naturally. If you think your Garnet jewelry needs intense cleaning, you can use any ultra-sonic cleaners. Most of the jewelers offer this service for a very small amount. For storing Garnet jewelry, the users should go in for air tight box and avoid spraying perfumes or body lotions on them. A classic gift item, Garnet jewelry can last for ages if taken proper care.


Jewel Valley is one such online jewelry store that can take you to best quality of Garnet jewelry. The Garnet birthstone necklace and vintage Garnet earrings are extremely irresistible plus the charm of genuine Garnet rings and heart shaped Garnet rings is truly fabulous. Designs of Garnet pendants are mind boggling and the sterling silver bracelets with Garnets can make the wearer look highly elegant.


Garnet comes in many different colors but the most common one that is used in gemstone jewelry manufacturing is deep red Garnet. It looks stunning when embellished in gold or silver jewelry. It accents the looks and panache of the wearer plus it has some mystic and healing powers attached to it. People believe that a Garnet embedded jewelry, probably a ring or pendant, has some powers to heal disorders related to blood and infections. It has magical effects that can cure sickness including hypertension and depression. Garnets are also believed as helpful in cleansing the thyroid and spleen plus it increases the wearer’s libido. Garnet is one such breathtaking gemstone that can bedazzle the admirers of the wearer and make him or her stand out in crowd.


Gemstone jewelry decorated with the spectacular charm of Garnet can be used as a token of love when gifted to a special someone. It is a common saying that one received lifetime joy and luck along with a gift of gemstone jewelry beautified with Garnet. That makes it a perfect gift for your lover. It also enhances friendship, romantic bond and is lucky for business. Giving a Garnet accented jewelry to your lover or romantic partner while he or she is going for a trip is considered auspicious. As the gifted jewelry protects the person and is a marvelous token of your love.


In our gemstone jewelry store you will find stunning and eye catching jewelry items beautified with the gorgeously ostentatious gemstone Garnet. Our jewelry collection with the assortment of Garnet includes rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces.


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