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Garnet Bracelets
Garnet Bracelets

Gemstone jewelry set in sterling silver and accented with the versatile beauty of Garnet looks awesome. In our gemstone jewelry store we have a fine and exquisite range of gemstone studded bracelets with the attractiveness and charm of Garnet. Our wide array of vivacious and enthralling Garnet bracelets looks very attractive and enhances the beauty of the wearer. If you are a gemstone jewelry lover who loves to collect fashionable jewelry items, Garnet bracelet will surely win your heart.


Garnet Bracelets

Beautiful and highly attractive, Garnet is a lovely gemstone which looks amazingly pretty when set in sterling silver frames of gorgeous bracelets. Since prehistoric times, Garnet is used as a lucky charm and it is also believed to protect the wearer against many diseases. By preserving health of the wearer, Garnet helps them in many ways. The powers associated with Garnet can guard the wearer from all the possible threats during travelling. It can cure all the diseases and bring honors to the one who adorns it. Gemstone jewelry experts also believe that with the magical powers of Garnet, the wearer gets forecast of upcoming dangers. People in past used to keep Garnet as a protective talisman. Some people also believe that if Garnet starts losing its luster and shine, it means a disaster is surely heading towards the wearer.


The metaphysical powers of garnet help in boosting sexual arousal of the wearer plus it triggers passion and commitment. Birthstone of those who are born in the month of January, Garnet can help in the treatment of depression, liver related diseases, bad dreams and hemorrhages. The Greeks believed that Garnet help in safe guarding children from drowning plus the qualities of Garnet were effective against poisons. By wearing Garnet studded bracelets, the wearer not only adds a breathtaking piece of jewelry to their jewelry box but safeguards themselves from many problems. The charming beauty of a Garnet bracelet can make the wearer look adorable and stylish plus it can boost them with many energies.


Beautiful bracelets accented with Garnet look attractive when wrapped around dainty and sexy wrists. The deep red color of Garnet makes it irresistible and the icy cool color of sterling silver adds trendy appeal to the gorgeous wrist of the wearer. The wearer can select a bracelet according to their style, taste and budget. Jewel Valley has a complete collection of sterling silver bracelets with Garnet. To make your wrist look stylish and charming, you can go in for an antique bohemian Garnet bracelet or to look classic go in for a vintage bracelet studded with Garnet. If paired with graceful gowns Garnet bracelets can look elegant. The beauty of a sassy cocktail dress gets accentuated when paired with a Garnet bracelet plus it can make a cool dress look funky.


Jewel Valley presents an amazing range of sterling silver bracelets with amazing and rare gems including demantoid Garnet gemstones, grossularite Garnet and tsavorite Garnet gemstones. The beautiful and unique designs of handmade bracelets embellished with adorable red Garnet can make any one drool over for. Garnet bracelets can add grace and elegance to Little Black Dress for a cocktail evening plus it can make an office presentation really cheerful. The warm hue of Garnet makes it a striking gemstone and when it is arranged in sterling silver frame of a bracelet, the stunning charm of Garnet crystals definitely gets hype. By trusting JewelValley for Garnet bracelets, you are spending your money for good quality gemstone and classic designs.


The pretty and eye catching allure of Garnet makes it a trendy choice among jewelry lovers of all age. The swank and captivating attraction of Garnet can help you move a step ahead of your fashion rivals. With an amiable Garnet bracelet made up of sterling silver, you can look delightful and very sexy. Garnet is well known as an outstanding gemstone since a long time. Jewelry made up of such a brilliant gemstone is admired by those fashion buffs who know how to carry elegance and chic appeal. The vivacious bracelet range that we showcase in our gemstone jewelry store is matchless and is crave worthy. So, if you drool for sexy, classy and stylish jewelry items garnet bracelets will surely be your first choice.


In our gemstone jewelry store we have a vivid range of handmade sterling silver bracelets with Garnets studded in them. It looks flamboyant and you can actually flash your own style statement with such delightful bracelets. I am sure you will find our handmade collection of Garnet bracelets in sterling silver is difficult to resist. Garnet bracelets look pretty because of the appealing effect that it has on the personality of the wearer plus it makes the onlooker feel pleasant with the rakish fascination.


Our brilliantly designed and crafted Garnet bracelets can add a bedazzling effect on your entire panache and I am sure that will make you feel happy. The eye-catching and stylish Garnet bracelets have some mystic powers that can infuse immense swagger, vivacious charm and confidence to your entire life. It is fashionable, looks elegant and has charismatic and healing powers, I am sure these astounding and wonderful reasons are enough to impress you to make the right move and you will love snagging handmade Garnet bracelet from our gemstone jewelry store.


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