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Citrine Bracelets
Citrine Bracelets

If you are a true gemstone jewelry lover, you should not miss the matchless charm of Citrine bracelets. Citrine is a beautiful gemstone that looks very attractive when set in sterling silver jewelry. The most expensive Citrine comes in burnt-orange shade and the one in faintly lighter hue of yellow with a hint of orange is considered as a common one. Bracelets made with this stunning gemstone look highly alluring and attractive. The magnetism and charming beauty of Citrine bracelets is beyond any comparison and if you have a deep interest in gemstone jewelry, you should not miss this delightful beauty.


Citrine Bracelets

With its natural and metaphysical powers, Citrine has won the hearts of gemstone jewelry admirers. It has many features and properties that make it helpful when it comes to boosting material as well as spiritual levels of the wearer. Since prehistoric times, gemstone jewelry embellished with Citrine is connected with wealth and prosperity. It is also believed that if a person wears Citrine bracelet, his financial problems vanishes and he never runs out of cash.


Citrine is a natural crystal and that makes it expensive but the captivating charm that it beholds is beyond any comparisons. Bracelets made with this alluring gemstone is good looking and can elevate the panache of the wearer can elevate the panache of the wearer to the fullest. Apart from unique beauty and exquisite charm Citrine also has some hidden and charismatic powers that can have healing effects on the wearer. Citrine jewelry protects the wearer from many negative thoughts and energies. It is believed to infuse opulence, prosperity and optimism in the life of the wearer. Citrine also has healing powers top cure stomach related troubles and problems related to circulatory system.


Gemstone jewelry experts also believe that Citrine jewelry has mystic powers that can protect the wearer against snake venom. So, when you buy a Citrine bracelet, you not only buy pleasant gemstone jewelry but embrace prosperity wrapped in beauty. In our gemstone jewelry store we have gorgeous sterling silver bracelets with the glam of Citrine that can protect you and make you look pretty.