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Chrysocolla Pendants
Chrysocolla Pendants

If you are a true gemstone jewelry lover, I am sure you will already have Chrysocolla in your collection because it is mind-boggling and really impressive. If you donít have some sparking Chrysocolla jewelry in sterling silver in your collection, I must say go for it. Your jewelry collection will look complete with a beautiful Chrysocolla jewelry item in it. Pendants made in sterling silver and embedded with gorgeousness of Chrysocolla look highly striking and graceful. The light blue and light green color of Chrysocolla makes it an elegant gemstone that looks beautiful as a pendant.


Chrysocolla Pendants

It is such a magnificent piece of gemstone jewelry that can add urber-majesty to your panache. It is similar to Turquoise when you look at it, but when it comes to properties and qualities Chrysocolla is really different. Chrysocolla pendants in sterling silver are considered tremendous for the heart chakras. It can make the wearer calm and flexible by infusing serenity and peace. With its healing powers, Chrysocolla helps in the treatment of bones, ulcers and digestion problems. It is enveloped with some magical energy that can help in relieving hypertensions and self-guilt. By wearing a Chrysocolla pendant one can look beautiful and can also get benefit if they suffer from various feelings like shock, anxiety or any other feeling like being hurt. Chrysocolla can also cure heart blocks so apart from physical exquisiteness, Chrysocolla is a wonderful gemstone with immense mystic powers. By wearing a Chrysocolla pendant in sterling silver the wearer can look glamorously attractive and aristocratic. Since, Chrysocolla is a rare gemstone that is why it is tagged with an expensive price. According to Egyptian gemstone experts, people go in for Chrysocolla because it is considered as a gemstone of wisdom. That is why, Jewelry admirers, who want to make their wisdom strong, wear Chrysocolla jewelry. The mesmerizing beauty of a Chrysocolla pendant in sterling silver can make a cocktail dress look chic and it can make your everyday dresses look cool and pretty. The charm and magnetism of Chrysocolla is beyond any comparison so one must try a pendant with this captivating gemstone.

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