Enamel Silver Rings

If you want to add attractive statement to your personality, what will be better than an enamel ring? The beauty and appeal of an enamel ring is beyond any comparison and the best thing about an Enamel ring is that you can wear it all the time and look different as well as classically charming. The splendor of an enamel rings makes it a gorgeous accessory to team up with colorful cotton dresses during the summers. You can wear an enamel ring with a gypsy skirt and a cool as well as plain top for a highly sexy look on a hot afternoon.

Silver Enamel Diamond Ring sterling-silver-enamel-diamond-gemstone-ring silver-enamel-diamond-gemstone-ring silver-enamel-diamond-gemstone-ring

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Five styles of ring you should own

Women love to wear rings on different occasions as well as for their daily life. Rings are once such accessory and jewelry item women can wear any time and with any attire. Rings add a refined elegance and glam to the personality of the wearer. Women find it as an irresistible jewelry item and buying many rings is no doubt an interesting thing for women. With so many new designs and styles of rings available in the present scenario, it has become essential to have rings in different styles. Here I am suggesting you five common styles of rings you should own.
Cocktail, Solitaire, Cluster, Multi-Stone Gemstone Ring

Multistone Ring (8.5) Blue Topaz Contemporary Ring image imageGorgeous Sterling Silver Covered in Cubic Zirconia image

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Mother Day Gifts – Chunky Gemstone Necklaces


By adding the assortment of gemstone jewelry one can easily make their simplest outfit look peppy and stylish. The dazzling appeal of gemstone jewelry is undoubtedly remarkable. The latest gemstone jewelry trend is pointing towards chunky gemstone necklaces, so if you do not have one, snag it and feel the pace of fashion machine. The stunning swank of gemstone jewelry, especially Amber necklaces, Agate necklaces, Peridot necklaces in chunky style will instantaneously up surge your fashion and style sense. By wearing a gemstone studded chunky necklace, you can actually flash your unique style statement. The appealing beauty and bold designs of chunky necklaces will make you look attractive and flawless.

image Fashion and style experts already know that chunky necklaces are popular as well as most accepted accessory among young as well as middle aged fashionistas. The present scenario of gemstone jewelry is full of vivacious and bold designs of big and chunky patterns are of gemstone necklaces. The year 2011 is considered as a year of funky and fearless fashion statements and chunky necklaces are one of them. Chunky necklaces including, Amber necklaces, black onyx necklaces, emerald necklaces and ruby necklaces look sophisticated as well as bold. It is very important to pair your chunky necklace according to your outfits. The bold appeal of chunky necklaces can enhance your beauty but if paired wrongly, it can raze off your entire look.

To look cool and hip, you can wear your Amber necklace in chunky design, with a pair of slim fit jeans and a cool T-shirt. Cotton dresses in plain can also make your Amber necklace look amazingly sexy. Your chunky necklace will make you look appealing plus you will love the super cool style. A plain T shirt and cotton skirt can look hot and seductive with a Peridot necklace with chunky pattern. It will accentuate your personality and will make your appearance classic. Your off shoulder dress will look seductive with a Chunky necklace studded with emeralds or ruby. Deep neckline can get a sexy swirl with a charming chunky necklace embellished with topaz or Amethyst. The daring appeal of chunky pendants is irresistible and without a gemstone chunky pendant in your wardrobe, your collection is incomplete.

Chunky gemstone bracelets come in various styles, shapes and size. The gemstone studded in the chunky pendant plus the material used in making the frame is responsible for the price of the chunky necklace. If you are attending some classy party, you should pair your gemstone chunky pendant with a gown. If your gown is in a deep color, avoid wearing the gemstone pendant of same color. With your casual as well as everyday dresses, you can try a chunky necklace with some chunky pendants, but make sure not to wear any other jewelry.

So, if you are geared up to hit the fashion charts of 2011, chunky necklaces are a must buy. Compliment your chunky necklace with care and store it with proper precautions. Chunky necklaces look fabulous on women of any age, but by wearing it with care, you can make your style statement envious.

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