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Gemstone jewellery en-crafted with the dainty and delightful gemstone, Aquamarine, looks adorable classy and adds rakish appeal to the personality of wearer. Aquamarine in Latin means sea water. It is the birthstone of those individuals who share their birthday in the month of March. According to ancient tales, it is believed that Aquamarine jewellery was found in the treasure box of mermaids and was blessed with sacred and mystic energies of god. When Aquamarine jewellery was gifted to a sailor, it used to protect him from evils and protect the sailor, just like a lucky charm.

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Aquamarine jewelry

Aquamarine is a blue- green gemstone with flawless appeal and divine grace. It looks elegant and captivating when embedded in silver or gold jewelry. Any jewelry piece with the dashing allure of Aquamarine gemstone can accentuate your beauty and personality. Check out our jewelry store for the best crafted designs and high quality Aquamarine stones.

Aquamarine Rings

Your fingers are beautiful, delicate and sexy and deserve a charming delight. Nothing can match the enthralling exquisiteness and grace of a ring studded with sparkling Aquamarine gemstone. The lovely designs, stunning spark and engaging charm of an Aquamarine ring can make your gorgeous fingers look classy.

Aquamarine pendants

Pendants look classy, gorgeous and elegant on both men and women. It can add that extra something to the personality of the wearer. A pendant with a matchless beauty like Aquamarine looks super stylish and has a distinct swank. It makes the wearer look appealing and very classy.


The mesmerizing hues, enthralling appeal and swaggering allure of gemstone jewellery embellished with the pretty and flawless Aquamarine gemstone is a token of love, care and romance. Aquamarine has some magical powers to make the married live of the wearer happy, satisfied and passionate.Aquamarine gemstone when embedded in gold or silver makes stylish jewelry. It helps in accentuating ostentatious beauty of the wearer and the wearer stands out in crowd with such a matchless and ravishing accessory. Apart from stunning splendor and vivacious appeal, Aquamarine jewelry has some mysterious powers that make it a popular gemstone. As far as medicinal powers are concerned, Aquamarine is said to have unique qualities to cure sickness, visual perception and respiration troubles. The swanky and dazzling jewelry accented with the charismatic beauty of Aquamarine jewelry boosts trust, tranquility, compassion and kindness in the life of the wearer. It also believed that, Aquamarine jewelry if adorned by couples having a tired marriage, can rekindle their love, romance and passion. The association of Aquamarine with truthfulness, valor, and companionship makes it an admired and popular gemstone in the gemstone jewelry industry. According to some gemstone jewelry lovers, Aquamarine helps in triggering communication skills and with its magical powers it can beat effects of poison. In our gemstone jewelry store we have some very attractive jewelry items made with the brilliant, dashing and glittering Aquamarine. Our Aquamarine jewelry collection includes stylish rings, pretty necklaces, trendy bracelets, attractive earrings and delicate pendants. People love to collect Aquamarine jewelry because of its matchless qualities. Aquamarine is tough, clear, and comes in gleaming and bright hues.