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Amethyst is one of the most popular gemstone that people love to appreciate in the form of flawless jewelry items. Amethyst jewelry is beautiful and the magnetic splendor of Amethyst earrings, Amethyst necklaces, Amethyst rings and Amethyst pendants is irresistible. The charm and qualities of Amethyst Jewelry makes women drool over for Amethyst rings and Amethyst earrings, since ages. Amethyst jewelry in silver and gold has a dazzling appeal plus the pretty purple gemstone looks trendy. When it comes to gemstone jewelry, Amethyst jewelry is quiet valued. Apart from the traditional purple hue, Amethyst jewelry can also come in other shades including mauve and lilac. Amethyst jewelry is gorgeous as well as eye catching. Young women fall for Amethyst earrings where as office going ladies love Amethyst rings and Amethyst pendants.

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Amethyst jewelry

Known for its tranquilizing powers, Amethyst is a popular gemstone that people love to wear. It is believed that Amethyst jewelry has some mystic powers to save the wearer from all evils and it brings good luck and fortune to wearer’s life. Buy it from our store and add finest Amethyst jewelry to your collection.

Amethyst Rings

We present a wide range of mesmerizing Amethyst rings to bedazzle your style quotient. Our sparkling collection of Amethyst rings will add an enticing allure to your life. Our unique and charming designs are sure to appeal to your senses. So, go in for our Amethyst rings and enjoy the thrilling magnetism.

Amethyst pendants

We have a versatile and eye candy collection of beautiful, captivating and trendy Amethyst pendants. Depending upon your choice, budget and style you can select your favorite Amethyst pendant from our online store. Our collection of Amethyst pendants has an extensive and vivacious assortment. You will definitely find your perfect pick to match the occasion and your dress.

Amethyst earrings

Women can’t stay away from the attraction of earrings. We have excellently crafted and uniquely designed Amethyst earrings to quench your style senses. Each pair of our Amethyst earring is a masterpiece in itself. Give us a chance to add beauty to your panache by collecting Amethyst earrings from our amazing array.

Amethyst bracelets

Fling a graceful delight for yourself by adding the rakish beauty of Amethyst bracelets. The best thing about our Amethyst bracelets collection is that we have terrific designs for people of every age. Our bracelets match the style buds of every one including, cool teens, elegant, sassy as well as the aristocratic ones.

Amethyst Necklace

An Amethyst necklace can actually add astonishing beauty to your party dresses and social life. You can flaunt a distinct style statement at a social gathering by adding a sparkling necklace embedded with stunning and jaw drop Amethyst. Buy from our store because we have elegant, royal and sassy Amethyst necklaces.


History of Amethyst Gemstone

Amethyst jewelry is cherished by the jewelry lovers since centuries. Birthstone of February born people who are blessed with the zodiac sign of Pisces, Amethyst rings make perfect gift for them. Amethyst jewelry is also lucky for lucky people who are celebrating their 6th year of marriage, so if your best friend is celebrating sixth year of her nuptial knot, gift her Amethyst earring set or Amethyst pendant. From ancient Egypt to the British crown jewels, Amethyst jewelry attracts the royal as well as common people. History is evident that ancient civilizations prized the value of Amethyst and till date, Amethyst jewelry is considered as elegant and classic. Since prehistoric times, people who crave for stylish yet royal fashion fall for Amethyst jewelry.


During old times, Bishop used to wear Amethyst ring, because of this reason Amethyst jewelry has a respectable place in Christianity. The majestically royal hue of Amethyst symbolizes Christ and this is why, Saint Valentine used to adorn an Amethyst ring with an image of Cupid carved on it. Amethyst is also considered as the symbol of Saint Matthias. There are folklores related to the Biblical references to the pretty gemstone Amethyst. Gemstone jewelry lovers will be glad to know that Amethyst is one of the twelve precious stones in the high priest Aaron’s breastplate. In fact you will feel amazing after knowing that your favorite gemstone, Amethyst, was used to build the twelfth foundation of the Holy City. Ancient jewelry lovers used to value Amethyst rings equally as Diamond. The rarity and gorgeousness makes Amethyst jewelry royal and classic.


According to stories of Greek mythology related to Amethyst jewelry, it is believed that Amethyst was a young virgin. Amethyst jewelry lovers will find it interesting that, she (Amethyst) became the object of rage of the Greek God Dionysus after he was under the influence with red wine. Amethyst cried out for help and Goddess Diana came up and she immediately turned Amethyst into a white, sparkling stone (quartz). Dionysus realized his mistake and was remorseful for what he had done. For this shameful act tears rolled down from his eyes to the goblet of red wine. The goblet upturned, and his wine spilled over the white rock. This saturated the rock till it turned to purple quartz. This is how Amethyst came up.


Some stories also tell that Amethyst derives its name from the ancient Greek word amethustos, which means sober. It was believed that by wearing Amethyst jewelry including, Amethyst rings, Amethyst pendants, even Amethyst earrings the wearer can become excessively intoxicated. Amethyst jewelry helps in infusing sobriety and seriousness to the mind of one who wears Amethyst pendants or any other Amethyst jewelry. It was supposed that if the wearer drinks from a cup or goblet made up of amethyst, he or she will never get drunk.


Greek mythology also suggests that amethyst was rock crystal colored purple by the tears of Dionysus, the god of wine and revelry. Since the renaissance, there is a religious association of Amethyst jewelry and it is considered as pious. By wearing Amethyst earrings, Amethyst rings, Amethyst pendants or any other Amethyst jewelry, one can imbibe qualities like modesty and humility. All throughout the Middle Ages, Amethyst jewelry represented faithfulness and celibacy plus it used to embellish the panache of members of the Catholic Church clergy as they used to adorn Amethyst jewelry including, Amethyst embedded crosses.


Amethyst jewelry is lucky for people born in the month of February, or those who share their zodiac sign as Pieces. By wearing Amethyst jewelry including Amethyst rings, Amethyst earrings, Amethyst pendants and Amethyst bracelets, these people can imbibe the mysterious charm of Amethyst. The brilliant appeal and elegance of Amethyst jewelry is beyond any comparison and sterling silver Amethyst rings makes astounding engagement rings. Amethyst pendants made from Amethyst coming from India, Brazil, Canada, Russia, USA, and Sri Lanka has a magnificent awe and it looks glamorous. Amethyst jewelry also stands for couples celebrating 4, 6, or 17 years of their wedlock. Amethyst earrings, Amethyst pendants and Amethyst rings are always in demand among the gemstone jewelry lovers across the globe.


In jewelvalley.com we have plenty of Amethyst jewelry including Amethyst necklaces, Amethyst bracelets, Amethyst earrings, Amethyst rings and Amethyst pendants. The best thing about Amethyst jewelry is that it has appealing swank, mesmerizing allure and captivating beauty, but it is really very affordable. Buyers love to go in for the Amethyst jewelry and jewelry makers enjoy designing and making such attractive pieces. Amethyst jewelry is elegant but durable and it lasts for a long time. Amethyst jewelry including Amethyst necklaces and Amethyst earrings works as heirloom for generations. The classic, tranquil and appealing attractiveness of Amethyst jewelry is inimitable.


Cleaning and taking care of Amethyst jewelry is also very easy and you can perform it even at your home. All you have to do is clean your Amethyst rings or Amethyst earrings with a mild soap and warm water. You can remove the mud or dust deposits with the help of a cotton flake. After cleaning and drying the Amethyst jewelry, store them separately in your jewelry box wrapped in cotton. Always keep your Amethyst jewelry box in a cool and dry place, away from direct sun. With a little commonsense and care you can make your Amethyst earrings, Amethyst necklaces, Amethyst rings and Amethyst pendants last for several years.


Gemstone Education

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