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Amethyst Pendants
Amethyst Pendants

Amethyst is a gemstone of February and it is hence considered as very special when a person gifts it to his beloved on Valentine’s Day. Amethyst has some mystifying qualities that bring two lovers together. If you are wearing a gemstone pendant in sterling silver and accented with the beautiful and stunning pieces of Amethyst, it is believed that, Amethyst will trigger the qualities of tolerance and tranquility in your mind. That will help you in boosting positive vibes and soothing energies. This will further lead to a calm mind. These soothing powers can enhance romantic energies of the wearer and hence it can lead to a perfect love life.

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Amethyst Pendants

Amethyst is a gorgeously pretty gemstone and it looks extremely stylish when worn as pendant. The beauty and classiness of your jewelry box will be incomplete if you do not have a sparkling piece of Amethyst pendant in it. Since prehistoric times, Amethyst is prized as an ornament and during old days Amethyst was used to prevent drunkenness. Derived from Greek word, amethystos, Amethyst means "non-intoxicating." It helps in infusing sobriety in the life of the wearer and that makes it an adorable choice when it comes to gemstone jewelry. The special splendor that an Amethyst pendant can add to your panache is beyond any comparison.


Pendants made with Amethyst stone look captivating and thrilling especially when worn with plunging necklines. The beauty of a bare neck gets luxurious hype when embellished with a sterling silver pendant accented with Amethyst. Everyday dresses look elegant with an Amethyst pendant plus the exquisiteness of your gowns and cocktail dresses will be multiplied with a pendant made with Amethyst. You can wear an Amethyst accented pendant with plain as well as printed dresses.


If you are planning to wear a satin dress in white, you must go in for an Amethyst pendant for a glamorous look. A little black dress can look amazingly sexy if paired with Amethyst pendant. For special occasion when you feel like wearing an off shoulder dress or a tube top in silk, you should go in for an Amethyst pendant to accentuate your sexiness in a glamorous way. The pinkish purple hue of Amethyst makes it a perfect companion of graceful as well as cool attires. You can pair an Amethyst pendant with almost everything in your wardrobe that too inn a stylish way. Amethyst helps in encouraging the psychic awareness of the wearer and the best quality of this dazzling gemstone is that it attracts love and cheerfulness.


Apart from alluring beauty and magnificence Amethyst has some highly commendable healing and metaphysical powers that make it an adorable gemstone. So, by wearing an Amethyst pendant the wearer is not only adding beauty and style to their personality, but shielding themselves with mysterious energies. Amethyst has calming and soothing qualities with which it can protect the wearer spiritually. It is also helpful in overcoming insomnia, nightmares, past life regression and visionary dreams. Very famous as the stone of spirituality, Amethyst has an amazing power to raise the energies of lower vibes to higher ones. For those who practice meditation, Amethyst is really helpful as it makes the power of concentration strong.


Jewel Valley is the perfect destination for those jewelry lovers who want to fling their own style statement. A gorgeous range of sterling silver pendants accented with Amethyst is showcased in Jewel Valley. The vivacious appeal of Amethyst gets a tint of opulence when it is set in sterling silver frames of pendant. The fabulous collection of Amethyst pendants available in Jewel Valley is tagged with affordable prices and to resist such gorgeously breathtaking designs is actually difficult.


If you are planning to invest your hard earned money for some very deserving and essentially exceptional accessory. Amethyst jewelry is really a fine and excellent option. Amethyst gemstones when set in sterling silver to make stunning pendants, look enthralling and very pretty. It’s a perfect gift if you want to please your girlfriend or wife. The shine, sparkle and appeal of Amethyst make it a lovable gemstone when it comes to handmade jewelry in sterling silver. Amethyst pendants are popularly appreciated by buyers, jewelry sellers, jewelry makers and also the one who is complimenting the wearer.


The very special reason why Amethyst is a admired gemstone among jewelry lovers is its flawless appeal and captivating lure that bedazzles the panache of the one who adorns it. With the healing powers of mystic gemstone, Amethyst the wearer can not only augment the bodily exquisiteness and beauty, but a pendant studded with the magical gemstone can help in diminishing the tensions of the mind of wearer. It can help in making equilibrium the emotional, mental and physical states of the wearer. The fascinating and alluring powers of an Amethyst pendant can make the wearer fight with long-drawn-out medical disorders including troubles related to the nervous system as well as digestive system.


At jewelvalley.com we have especially hand-crafted and uniquely designed Amethyst pendants in sterling silver. I am sure you will love shopping from our wide and vivacious handmade collection.


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