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Amethyst Jewelry
Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst is one of the most popular gemstone that people love to appreciate in the form of flawless jewelry items. Amethyst is a beautiful gemstone with magnetic splendor and charming qualities. Silver and gold jewelry accented with the dazzling appeal of Amethyst the pretty purple gemstone. Among gemstone jewelry range, gemstone jewelry embedded with sparkling Amethyst is quiet valued.

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Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst is a brilliant gemstone that comes in deep purple color. Well known for its durability, Amethyst makes mind boggling jewelry. Since the prehistoric times, Amethyst holds a great place in the jewelry box of fashion freaks who love collecting gemstone jewelry. Because of its royal color and sparkling appeal, Amethyst is a part of British Crown Jewels and is admired by the majestic people with classy style sense. Jewelry made in sterling silver gets a richer look when Amethyst is studded in it. It can make even a simple dress look highly aristocratic, and this is one of the reasons, people never forget to snag jewelry with Amethyst.


Birthstone of lucky people born in the month of February, Amethyst jewelry makes the wearer get attention even in crowd. Amethyst used to be the favorite gemstone of kings and queens and it had its great use during religious ceremonies. The alternate name of Amethyst is "Sobriety Stone". It was believed that the ancient Romans used to ward off intoxication with the help of crushed Amethyst. According to ancient Greek folklores the word "amethystus" means not drunken, or intoxicated. Jewelry made with such a fantastic gemstone looks highly commendable and women of all time fall in love with such a grace and allure.


Jewelry made with Amethyst snags every attention. A sterling silver ring embellished with Amethyst looks fabulous and a dazzling pair of Amethyst earrings can help the wearer to win every heart. Necklaces made with Amethyst beads are adorable plus the bracelets with such striking allure are amazingly captivating. Jewelry made up with Amethyst is not only pretty but it helps the wearer in many different ways. If the wearer practices meditation, Amethyst can help them in keeping themselves calm. Amethyst works in the emotional, religious, and physical ways to endow the wearer with tranquil, equilibrium, endurance, and harmony.


If you are dealing with some legal problems, Amethyst can be highly beneficial. It can also help the wearer in dealing with issues related to money by leading them to opulence and abundance. If the person is suffering from personal loss or other emotional problems including grief of losing a loved one, Amethyst jewelry can help them in true sense. Amethyst is blessed with some gentle sedative energy with which it promotes peacefulness and contentment to the one who wears Amethyst jewelry. It also has the qualities to infuse emotional stability and strength to the wearer so, if you feel like building up or enhancing your emotional stability, you must have Amethyst embellished jewelry.


It is believed that Amethyst has some metaphysical qualities with which it can heal the withdrawal symptoms. People also believe that Amethyst jewelry is helpful in curing problems like headaches, insomnia, arthritis and diabetes. It is also helpful in treating troubles related to the endocrine system, chronic fatigue, pregnancy and preventing miscarriage, menopause, PMS, and general healing.


Jewel Valley presents a vivacious collection of Amethyst jewelry for women who care for class and their own style statement.