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Amethyst Earrings
Amethyst Earrings

Earrings made up of the classy, pretty and sparkling Amethyst look great on women of all age and class. Amethyst being a popular semi-precious gemstone is commonly used in making best, splendid, fashionable handmade jewelry in sterling silver. Women have a great liking for sterling silver earrings if crafted with Amethyst. Birthstone of February born people, Amethyst is commonly found in hues of red and purple. It is also the 6th Anniversary gemstone.

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Amethyst Earrings

The best jewelry piece that a woman loves to snag is a lovely pair of earrings and what can be better than a sterling silver pair of earrings embellished with Amethyst. Used to cure problems related to blood and other issues like breathing problems, Amethyst has many powers with which it can be very helpful to the one who wears it. Amethyst has some magical powers with which it can be used in healing the negativity in the home of the one who owns it. Amethyst is blessed with some calming powers which make it an adorable stone and women of all style senses love to buy it.


If you practice meditation, Amethyst can be really helpful to you. It helps in increasing spiritual feelings plus it boosts positive energies and Amethyst also helps the wearer by making a strong concentration power. By wearing a sparkling pair of Amethyst studded earrings, the person is also overcoming fears and cravings of all sorts. Amethyst is also a helpful stone when it comes to relieve headaches.


The metaphysical powers of Amethyst make the inner peace and healing of the wearer very strong and it also increases their nobility and spiritual awareness. By wearing a stylish set of Amethyst earrings the wearer can experience positive transformation and relieve stress of all kind. Birth stone of February born people, Amethyst is a mesmerizing gemstone which is a variety of Quartz. So if your loved one shares their birthday in February, you can gift them a sparkling pair of earrings studded with Amethyst. It is also the Anniversary stone of those lucky people sharing sixth year of their wedding knot. So, it can make perfect gift form such a lucky lady.


The light pinkish to lilac and mauve color of Amethyst comes out in a wonderful way when studded in sterling silver frames of earrings. The shine and spark of Amethyst receives urber hype when studded in sterling silver and this is what women fall for. The powerful and protective nature of Amethyst helps the wearer by guarding them against psychic attacks and transforms all the surrounding energies into love. This protective shield helps them by soothing their mind and it also balances mood swings.


The strong healing and cleansing powers of Amethyst encourages the stability of the person and it helps them in becoming focused in what ever they do. Amethyst is also believed to infuse sober effects on drugs or alcohol intake. Amethyst is a perfect stone that looks classy plus has mind-blowing effects on the entire panache of the wearer.


Jewel Valley is a perfect online store where you can get beautiful designs of Amethyst earrings in unique and appealing designs. The collection includes breathtaking Amethyst Hanging Earring and the Bezel Set is equally awesome. Girls can have a look at the pretty and gorgeous Hook Earring in Sterling Silver. The Oval Purple Amethyst Hook Earrings in Sterling Silver are fabulous for a classy dinner date and the Princess Cut Amethyst Stud in Sterling Silver will make your office life truly classy. Hook earrings and Amethyst studs are also worth buying.


So, if your dear lady shared her birthday in the month of February or it is your 6th Anniversary with her, cherish the moment with the special and mind blowing array earrings with Amethyst gemstone. She will not only appreciate the gift of love but will look gorgeous and very attractive. Apart from physical beauty and attraction, Amethyst earrings have some mystic powers. The legendary, pious and etymological worth of Amethyst gemstone since prehistoric time, adds nostalgic value to the widely accepted and admired value of the sparkling gemstone, Amethyst. With the ancient history and amazing powers, Amethyst is one of the very first gemstones that man started using. It was used in religious jewelry including, rosaries at that time. Amethyst was also said to be a pious gemstone, sacred to lord Buddha. Slowly, people started using Amethyst for their beautification and it became an essential part of a jewelry box. Initially Amethyst used to be mined from Russia, but now most of it comes from Africa and South America. Sterling silver earrings with the stunning splendor of Amethyst are really popular these days. It looks gorgeous and that’s why it is a perfect type of earring to suit the panache of every women.


Flinging a perfect style statement with the attractive Amethyst earring can accentuate your looks with ostentatious dash. The color of Amethyst is sexy and seductive and when it is set in a sterling silver earring, it becomes striking and elegant. The most lovable member of the quartz family, Amethyst has been a stylish choice of royal people since ages. Check out our gemstone jewelry store for a vast range of Amethyst earrings.


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