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Abalon Shell Pendants
Abalon Shell Pendants

Abalon shells are beautiful and magnificent. Because of the multicolor hues, each piece of Abalon shell looks gorgeous and the way it flings the hues of ocean, makes it memorable. The pretty and delightful shades of blues, greens, purples and yellows make it perfect when Abalon shells are studded in sterling silver. It is very soft to touch and looks graceful when studded in sterling frames of pendants. Women love to wear Abalon shell pendants because of its rakish exquisiteness. The ripples on the surface of Abalon shell look extremely beautiful and these ripples are formed because of the tumbles in sand and water.


Abalon Shell Pendants

People love Abalon shell because of its exquisiteness plus the magical powers it has. It is said that by wearing a sterling silver pendant embellished with Abalon shell has mystic powers with which it can make the wearer feel love, beauty and tenderness. It can also make the wearer peaceful, relaxed and delightful along with the graceful appeal that it has. Gemstone jewelry experts believe that Abalon shell makes special jewelry as it can connect the wearer to mother earth and it can also help in arousing the sixth sense of the wearer. It boosts positive energies and makes the wearer look at life with better perspective.People who meditate can definitely take benefit with a sterling silver pendant accented with Abalon shell, because it is believed to have some magical powers that help people in meditation. By wearing a mesmerizing pendant with this gracefully chic Abalon shell, the wearer can win many hearts. It can make your dresses look elegant and more attractive. Because of its multicolored hues, it is a versatile piece of jewelry that can be paired with any of your dresses. The vivaciousness and swaggering appeal of Abalon shell is beyond any comparison and it looks amazing when worn by women of all age. In our gemstone jewelry store we have a vivid array of sterling silver pendants accentuated with the beauty and classiness of Abalon shell. Our entire range is highly attractive and to resist the temptation of such gorgeous piece of jewelry is really impossible.