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Buying guide of Moonstone

Moonstone jewelry is elegant and women find its transparent look irresistible. Moonstone rings, Moonstone earrings, Moonstone pendants and Moonstone necklaces look charming when worn with silk and organza fabrics for special occasions. The clear tone of Moonstone jewelry and availability in amazing hues including, blue, yellow, gray, brown and orange makes Moonstone jewelry popular among gemstone jewelry lovers. Moonstone jewelry especially Moonstone rings, Moonstone earrings and Moonstone pendants are popular among women of all age. Jewelry lovers find the beauty of Moonstone jewelry irresistible, but very few people know how to buy genuine Moonstone jewelry at nest prices. So, here comes a Moonstone jewelry buying guide for you:

Most of the stone used in Moonstone jewelry comes from Sri Lanka, India, Burma and America but the best one comes from Sri Lanka. The Moonstone which comes from Sri Lanka is mined in very large open pit and the entire process is done manually with hands. Transparent to translucent, the clarity of Moonstone used in Moonstone rings, Moonstone earrings and Moonstone pendants vary from each other. The beauty and grace of Moonstone jewelry is amazing and it has some magnificent charismatic powers with which it can sharp the intuitive power of the wearer. By wearing a Moonstone ring or Moonstone pendant, one can make themselves look attractive plus increase their sensitivity. Women can get benefit by wearing Moonstone rings as it is said that Moonstone jewelry has powers with which it can increase the fertility.

Moonstone jewelry in sterling silver, especially Moonstone rings and Moonstone pendants are popular and can be paired up with daily wears as well as party wears. The genuine Moonstone decked in Moonstone rings, Moonstone earrings and Moonstone pendants is beautiful and elegant to look at. Mostly Moonstone jewelry comes in silver, but it depends upon the choice of the wearer.

If you are buying Moonstone jewelry you must buy it from a reputed jewelry stores. Make sure to check the Moonstone jewelry properly before buying for the cracks or visible chips. To check the exact hue of the Moonstone studded in your Moonstone rings, Moonstone earrings and Moonstone pendants, place the Moonstone jewelry directly under the overhead Sun. A genuine Moonstone jewelry will give distinctive colors and if you will check it from different angles, you will find it changing its hue. Moonstone jewelry should be checked for its clarity. Genuine Moonstone is not cloudy, so make sure to see it properly before making any deal.

Believed to have powers which can boost fertility, good luck, love and tenderness to the wearer, Moonstone jewelry is cherished among women. The spiritual connection of Moonstone jewelry, especially Moonstone rings, Moonstone pendants and Moonstone earrings help in bringing love and romance among couples. Moonstone got its name from moon, because moon stone has its close resemblance with the moon. This is one of the reasons; Moonstone jewelry is believed to have some influence of lunar energies. The shimmer of the Moonstone jewelry depends upon the cuts of the Moonstone. Sparkle of Moonstone jewelry depends upon the angle at which light falls on the surface of Moonstone jewelry.

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