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Opal Gemstone Buying Guide

Opal jewelry is cherished for its rainbow hues and translucent texture. Opal jewelry including Opal rings, Opal earrings, Opal pendants and Opal necklace are elegant and stylish. Opal jewelry looks graceful and trendy. Opals generally come in milky white color, but it also comes in many different hues. Make sure to check the Opal jewelry under light, before buying it. Real Opals are transparent when kept in front of light. Black Opals are rare and highly valued. Black Opal jewelry looks extremely sophisticated and classy. The deep and dark hue of Black Opal helps in up surging the amount of the price tag of Opal jewelry. Opal jewelry is precious as well as exceptional. Before buying a gorgeous Opal ring or classy Opal pendant, you must keep in mind some easy and important Opal jewelry buying tips. Following is the

Opal jewelry buying guide. Relish the opulence of Opal jewelry by making a smart deal.

Before buying Opal jewelry, especially Opal ring and Opal pendant, make sure to check it if it is backed with sterling silver or gold. The value of such Opal jewelry is less than the one which is see through from both front and back. Also take care of the tips mentioned below:

The Opal stone in Opal jewelry has a considerable amount of water in it. The rainbow effect of the Opal studded in Opal rings, Opal earrings or Opal pendant is because of the water percentage in the stone. Always keep in mind to keep your Opal jewelry away from fire; it can dehydrate its water content. While buying Opal jewelry check the stone properly, because the surface of Opal is spongy because of the water content. Synthetic Opals can look like real ones but they are not porous. So, distinguish the real from the synthetic one.

Black Opal, red Opal and blue opal are rare. So, Opal jewelry made with these stones are expensive than the milky white Opal. Check out the Opal jewelry including Opal ring, Opal earrings and Opal pendant in light. The uneven color of the Opal stone makes it inexpensive. So, always buy Opal jewelry which has even color and transparency. Some Opal jewelry reflects colors only when it is seen from some particular direction, such Opal is inexpensive.

Sometimes, Opals in Opal rings or Opal pendants are smooth with rounded face, without the faceted detail. You can also find Opal rings and Opal pendants with a combination of one Opal stick to another or some other stone. Sometimes, a genuine Opal is sandwiched between a dark surface and clear covering. Opal jewelry made with all these specifications are tagged at lower price as compared to Opal jewelry with pure Opal stone.

One should always enquire about the cut, clarity, carat and color of Opal before buying Opal jewelry. Make sure to ask for the weight of the Opal stone in your Opal ring, Opal earrings, Opal pendant and Opal necklace, separately from the entire Opal jewelry. Buy your Opal jewelry from genuine gemstone jewelry store to avoid any wrong deal.

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