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Garnet Gemstone Buying Guide

When we think of Garnets the only thing which comes to mind is small seeds of deep red color nestled inside pomegranate. Garnet derived its name from Latin word "granatus," which means grain or seed in Latin. Garnet jewelry looks amazing and for those who want to add passionate color to their wardrobe, Garnet jewelry is the best. Birthstone of January born people, Garnet jewelry is amazingly pretty and classy. Versatile and sophisticated, Garnet jewelry is easily available and is really very affordable. At Moh's hardness scale, Garnet's hardness is 6.5 to 7.5, so one must not bite it as Garnets can damage even the teeth.

Garnet jewelry looks captivating and before buying the gorgeous Garnet rings or Garnet pendants one must take care of few important things.

Lighting: Garnets looks finest under daylight. So, if you are buying Garnets make sure it appears flawless red under the luminous light.

Clarity: Garnets are clear and clean without any fibrous texture. When seen in light Garnets appear very clear so before buying Garnet earrings or Garnet pendants, one must check its clarity.

Garnet sizes: Garnets are rare in faceted stones which are above 7-8 cts. Best pieces of Garnet jewelry come above 20 carats and these are considered the best so the price of such a Garnet is little high.

Cut: Garnet are available in many cuts but the most popular ones are round, emerald, cushion cut, pear, oval, trillion, marquise and princess cut. Oval ones look best in Garnet pendants and round pieces make excellent Garnet earrings.

Instructions for buying Garnet:

After taking care of the above details, one must follow the following simple instructions before buying Garnet jewelry.

#1 Most popular Garnet jewelry has red Garnets, but the rare and most expensive ones have peachy-orange tint. Dark pink Garnets make popular Garnet rings. If you want to present Garnet jewelry to your loved ones, it will be the best.

#2 Make sure to consider the common "4 C's," just like diamonds. The cut, clarity, carats and cost of Garnet jewelry should be followed. The size of Garnets can go up to ten carats; you can buy Garnet rings in this size.

#3 Many jewelry stores present garnet jewelry, but go in for the fine stores because you will get really amazing designs of handmade jewelry and you can even customize the best one according to your taste.

#4 Large size of Garnet is rare, so if you opt for a bigger stone, your Garnet jewelry can be expensive. Make sure not to pay extremely high for Garnet jewelry with cut-outs of Garnets.

#5 Try to negotiate for the Garnet earrings, Garnet rings or Garnet earrings of your choice. Check out different stores before making a deal. Handmade garnet jewelry can be little expensive. Make sure to get the best and trendy Garnet jewelry because, Garnet jewelry is versatile. You can pair it with many dresses on several occasions. By snagging Garnet rings or Garnet pendants, you are actually spending your money for good.

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